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Does a New York cell-phone violation put points on my New Jersey driver's license?


Your New Jersey driving record shouldn't be assigned points for this offense. Though New York assigns points for a cell phone violation, New Jersey does not.

Section 39:4-97.3(e) of the New Jersey Statues says that no motor vehicle points or automobile insurance eligibility points shall be assessed for the offense of using a wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle.

New York and New Jersey do share information since they both are members of the Driver License Compact (DLC). This interstate agreement requires member states to inform the home licensing state of a motorist when they have been convicted of a moving violation.

The basics of the DLC come down to after you are convicted of this cell phone violation in New York, their courts will inform New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) about it. It then is up to your state's laws as to what the MVC will do with this information.

New Jersey laws (NJSA 39:5D-4) allow the MVC to place an out-of-state conviction on your driving record. Typically, two points are assigned for out-of-state moving violations; however, because this particular violation doesn't come with a point's value in New Jersey, the MVC told us a driving record here wouldn't be assessed points.

So, while New York has started to assess drivers two points in their state for a conviction of a cell phone ticket, your home state shouldn't assign your record any points. Luckily for you, New Jersey law also keeps your car insurance company from assigning the offense insurance points and so, it shouldn't affect your auto insurance rates.

Even without your auto insurance provider assessing your insurance points for your New York cell phone ticket, you may be paying too much for car insurance.

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