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What is the fine for driving with a suspended license in Maine?


Fine amounts for traffic violations within the state of Maine are established by the Chief Judge of Maine District Court pursuant to state statutes. Thus the fine amounts are set regularly by this entity with minimum and maximum amounts authorized by the statute.

There is a site run by the Maine government in which one can find out what a fine should be for driving with a suspended license. The site is paytixx.com and here you can review your violation record, verify a court date or pay outstanding fines. You are able to get this information by typing in the ticket number found at the top right of your ticket or citation.

Now if you were driving with a suspended license due to an earlier OUI conviction there are other penalties that might apply, such as imprisonment, temporary impoundment of the vehicle and 1 - 3 years added onto the suspension / revocation of your driver's license.

Instead if your license was suspended due to failing to pay previous fines you must pay the Violations Bureau the fine for each offense and a late fee of $25 for each offense as well. In addition, you must also pay the Bureau of Motor Vehicles a reinstatement fee for each offense that resulted in the suspension.

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