Question: How long do moving violations remain on your record in New York? Do you have to list them with your car insurance if they are no longer on your record?

Answer: Most moving violation convictions remain on a New York driver’s record for up to four years — during the year that the conviction occurred and the following three calendar years.

The New York state DMV removes the conviction from your driving record on Jan. 1 of the fourth year. For example, a conviction that occurred in 2020 will remain on your driving record until Jan. 1, 2024.

A serious conviction, such as driving under the influence, remains on a New York driving record for 10–15 years. If a driver is convicted of the same violation during that 10-year period, the motorist can receive additional penalties according to the New York State DMV.

Additionally, the New York DMV uses a point system for moving violations and will suspend a driver’s license if they receive 11 points for traffic violations within 18 months.

New York drivers can participate in the state’s Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) and have up to four points reduced from their current point accrual. However, this does not mean the points are removed from their driving record. The PIRP ensures the DMV will reduce four points toward license revocation or suspension tallies.

Driving record points won’t be removed after the four-year cycle. For insurance purposes, drivers will receive a certificate of completion that they can share with their provider to offset any increase in premiums due to the violation.

Typically, your car insurance company will review your driving record upon renewal of your policy, or when you apply for coverage, and generally look at the past three years.

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— Katrina Raenell and Michelle Megna contributed to this story.


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