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Will getting a parking meter ticket affect your insurance?


Typically a parking meter ticket does not affect your car insurance rates.

The rating systems and guidelines for car insurance companies vary but in general non-moving violations are not a rating factor for most auto insurance carriers.

In some states parking tickets are not even placed on your driving record, as long as you properly take care of the citation. In these states automobile insurance companies would not see the parking violation when they pulled your motor vehicle record (MVR) so definitely could not rate you on it.

If a parking meter citation is placed on your driving record in your state then it still is unlikely to affect your car insurance rates. Typically a non-moving violation does not mean as much to an auto insurance company as a moving violation since it only speaks to your ability to properly park and following parking laws and not drive a vehicle where the risk is, however there are some auto insurance companies look at any and all violations when calculating ratesĀ and will take a parking ticket into account.

Since insurance companies differ on their point system that they use to assign values to items on your driving record or claims, if you are interested in finding out how your insurance company determines their rates you can contact your agent or your state's insurance regulator which your carrier must file their rates with.

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