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Be aware of these auto facts



Be aware of these auto facts

More people seem to be on the road every day. Where I live the freeways continue to be more and more congested. With the slow down caused by all this congestion you would think traffic accidents would be going down, they are not. Instead you need to concentrate on the fact that there are more people than ever on the roads and every one of them can cause an accident. Here are some motor vehicle facts for you to be aware of.

According to the Federal Highway Administration there are around 200 million licensed drivers in the United States. The amount of men and women with licenses are nearly equal.

Nearly 70% of our population can legally drive.

There are more registered cars, 231 million, than there are licensed drivers.

Every year there has been around 7 million motor vehicles involved in accidents. From those incidents over 3.5 million injuries were reported.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that nearly 40,000 people die each year in motor vehicle crashes, however the total number of fatalities has been on the decline (by about 10%) the last few years so additional safety measures of car makers appear to be doing their jobs.

According to the NHTSA rural areas compared to urban area are riskier to drive in. There is a 58.4% death rate in rural areas compared to urban areas.

Rural drivers are more likely to log more miles and thus spend more time on the roadways. The death rate might also be higher due to the length of time it takes for emergency vehicles to arrive at the accident scene and get the injured to the hospital.

Motor vehicle accidents cost nearly $5,000 per second if you broke it down.

Most drivers will have a near car crash one to three times a month. There will be an actually accident every five to eight years. If you are a lucky one and have not been involved in an accident than someone has had been unfortunate and taken up the slack.

By 2025 it is expected that costs for car collisions will exceed 450 billion dollars. Perhaps technology will be advanced by then and motor vehicles can be made to be more resistant to collisions, or at least we can hope, so that this number will come down.

Driving an automobile is a privilege and not a right so it is important to be an observant, focused driver. Observing the laws of the road and not giving into road rage are 2 ways to keep you from becoming a motor vehicle accident (or fatality) statistic. You also want to make sure you are insured when and if you are in an accident. Keep as much auto insurance on you as you can afford to protect you, your vehicle and your assets.


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