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Can you get car insurance if you file bankruptcy?


Yes, it is still possible that an insurance company will insure you, even if you have filed bankruptcy in the past.

Insurance companies vary and you will likely have to shop around to find the coverage you need and it is likely your insurance premiums will be higher then those without a bankruptcy on their record or those who have a better credit report.

Insurance rates are not purely calculated based on credit history. There are other rating factors such as where you live, the type of car, driving record, etc. The goal of getting all of this information is to correlate the insurance premium rate as closely as possible with the actual cost of potential claims.

CarInsurance.com does represent carriers that use credit scoring and we also have carriers that only review driving records for rating.

If you would like to comparison shop now and see if you can find a lower auto insurance rate you can do that here. If you have difficulty in your state finding an auto insurance company to provide you coverage with a bankruptcy on your record then contact your state's insurance regulator for help on obtaining the car insurance you need for your vehicle.

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