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Will my existing auto insurance coverage increase with a DUI/SR-22 insurance?


Typically you will see an increase in your auto insurance rates due to having a DUI conviction on your driving record. Having operated a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs generally puts you now into a high risk class of drivers.

The amount of an insurance premium increase due to having a DUI and/or needing an SR-22 (certificate of financial responsibility) will depend upon the insurance company that you are dealing with and their rating system. You also may lose discounts that you also previously had on the policy which helped to lower your rates, such as a safe driver discount.

Some state insurance regulators and department of motor vehicles give information on the average insurance increase for a DUI conviction. For example, the Colorado Department of Transportation has a Cost of a DUI brochure lists that your CO auto insurance could go up 30 % on average, that is if it is not canceled, after having a DUI conviction.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was simply glad to get an answer to a simple question. What is an sr22 for a friend?