Insurance formQuestion: How do I cancel my SR-22 once my three years are up?

Answer: Removing the SR-22 financial responsibility filing from your car insurance policy may vary slightly from state to state, but it’s typically a simple process.

First, you should contact your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to verify your three-year requirement for carrying the SR-22 is over. You can skip this step if you have already received a letter from the DMV, or state, saying your SR-22 is no longer needed.

It’s important to know that an SR-22 won’t automatically drop off your insurance policy once it’s no longer needed. You have to ask your insurance company to remove the SR-22 from your policy.

With verification that the mandate for the SR-22 is satisfied with the state, you can contact your car insurance company to inform them. Your insurance company may require proof that the SR-22 is no longer needed, such as a notification letter from the state.

Your auto insurance provider will now file the right paperwork with the DMV to show you are dropping your SR-22 filing from your car insurance policy.

Forms that help you cancel SR-22

Generally, it is the SR-26 form that is used to show the cancellation of a SR-22. In some states, this doubles as proof of insurance as well as showing that the SR-22 filing has been terminated.

Once this SR-22 is canceled, you will no longer be charged the filing fee at your policy renewal period.

You want to be certain that your SR-22 period is over before canceling this filing with the state. In many states, the period to carry the SR-22 is only three years, but in some states, it is up to five years. Also, states vary on the date that the clock starts ticking on the SR-22 time period. 

If you, even accidentally, cancel your SR-22 before your filing period is over, the result could be a suspension of your driver’s license or vehicle registration or both.

If you still need SR-22 insurance, compare insurance quotes from companies that offer policies that include an SR-22 filing. When going through the quoting process please indicate “Yes” on the driver portion of our online quote when it asks: “Does this driver require a financial responsibility filing?” if you need to find an auto insurance company that will file the SR-22 for you.

Will my insurance go down after I cancel my SR-22?

It’s possible your rates will decrease once your SR-22 is removed, but it’s not guaranteed. It will depend on your driving record, the amount of coverage you buy after the SR-22 cancellation and other factors.

Once your SR-22 is removed, compare auto insurance quotes to see which company offers the coverage you want at the best price. Even drivers with violations and accidents on their records can save by shopping around. That’s because each insurer assesses risk differently, so prices vary significantly, regardless of your record.

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