An FRA suspension is a penalty in the state of Ohio for lack of financial responsibility. If you are on an FRA suspension, your driving privileges are taken away. 

If you’re found driving without insurance you can be issued a FRA suspension. If you’re caught operating a vehicle during the suspension period, then you’d be cited for driving under an FRA suspension.

The acronym FRA does not stand for anything particular, but the FR is thought to stand for “financial responsibility.”

Section 4509.101 of the Ohio Revised Code prohibits an individual from operating a motor vehicle in Ohio without maintaining proof of FR (financial responsibility) continuously throughout the registration period with respect to that vehicle, or, in the case of a driver who is not the owner, with respect to that driver’s operation of that vehicle.

Ohio car insurance law requires financial responsibility in the minimum amount of $25,000 for bodily injury to or death of one individual in any one accident, $50,000 for bodily injury to or death of two or more individuals in any one accident, and $25,000 for injury to the property of others in any one accident.

Failure to provide proof of financial responsibility, when required in Ohio, will result in the following civil penalties imposed by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV):

  • Loss of driving privileges for a minimum of 90 days and up to two years
  • License plates and vehicle registration suspension
  • License plate reinstatement fees of $150 for first violation, up to to $650 for a third or subsequent violation (including a $50 penalty for failing to surrender the license, plates or vehicle registration to the BMV)
  • Required filing with the BMV (SR-22 or bond) to continuously maintain proof of financial responsibility for three to five years from the date of the suspension of operating privileges
  • Vehicle immobilization and confiscation of plates for 30 to 60 days for violating FRA suspension. Third and subsequent offenses could result in vehicle forfeiture and a five-year suspension of vehicle registrations.

Ohio courts are authorized to order vehicle immobilization and impoundment of the license plates at the time of sentencing for those found driving on an FRA suspension. A first offense is 30 days, a second offense is 60 days and a third offense can result in the forfeiture of your vehicle. The Ohio BMV can give you more information about FRA suspensions.