Just about every state now allows drivers to show electronic proof of insurance coverage during a traffic stop. The exception, as of October 2022, is New Mexico.

What does electronic proof of insurance mean, exactly?

Rather than root around in your glovebox for an insurance card (that you may or may not have remembered to replace with the new one), you simply hand the officer your phone.

Auto insurance companies, including State Farm, Geico and Progressive, provide customers with a digital insurance card that’s accessible on a smartphone or tablet computer.

Driving without proof of insurance is not the same as driving without insurance

Driving without proof of insurance is very different from driving without insurance.

Failure to provide proof of insurance typically results in a fix-it ticket that doesn’t affect car insurance rates much, if at all.

A no-insurance conviction is very different and can result in a big fine and a suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle registration, though the penalty for driving without insurance varies by state.

The cost of a lapsed car insurance policy

The fine for lapsed insurance coverage varies by state. The following table shows the rate for New York:

1 to 30-day lapse: $8 a day

31 to 60-day lapse: $10 a day

61 to 90-day lapse: $12 a day



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