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How do I obtain my auto insurance history?


It will depend upon what type of auto insurance history you are trying to obtain as to how you would go about getting it. If you are moving abroad or changing states and think that by having an auto insurance history to show to a new insurer you could lower your rates you would need to ask your current insurance provider if they can print you out a history of your auto insurance coverages and claims (or lack thereof) to show others.

If you need information on a former insurance carrier that you had covering you and your vehicles previously and cannot remember what company that is and thus want an auto insurance history then you can try to contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to see if they have any information on your previous insurance policies and with whom you had coverage. If you need a copy of your motor vehicle record (MVR) as well then you should as the DMV about getting a copy of driver's history while asking about your auto insurance history.

If it is your claims history that you are trying to get a copy of then you would normally be trying to get your CLUE report. C.L.U.E.® is a registered trademark of ChoicePoint Asset Company.

You can contact ChoicePoint Services at 1-800-456-6004 for assistance on obtaining your CLUE report. They are the providers of the report and they are the only company that discloses that report.

The CLUE database enables homeowners and automobile insurers to exchange information - without notice to you - about claims for loss of property. Here's a simple example of how the exchange system works:

  • Insurance companies feed information about property loss claims, even inquiries about coverage, into a central database.
  • If you file a claim for loss against your homeowner policy, for example, the insurance company adds this information to the national database.
  • The CLUE database is maintained by an information vendor, not another insurance company.
  • If you apply for homeowner's insurance with another company -- say, you move to another part of the country - the new insurance company can access the CLUE database and learn of your past claims.
  • The CLUE report shows the new insurer information about any claims you filed under your previous insurer's policy. CLUE also includes information about inquiries you make, even if a claim was never submitted or paid.

If you need proof of insurance for a specific time period to show the court or for other reasons then you would need to contact your insurance company that you had during that time period and request documentation of coverage for that specific time frame. If you have questions about your state's insurance laws regarding auto insurance histories then contact your state's insurance regulatory body for consumer help.

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1 Responses to "How do I obtain my auto insurance history?"
  1. Dolores Arellano

    I am trying to find out what insurance I had from December 3, 2006 to December 3, 2007How do I find this out

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