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When you ask for a zip code what do you mean? Is it my postcode you are asking for or my date of birth?


A ZIP (Zone Improvement Program) code is the equivalent to Foreign Postal Code. A postal code is a series of letters and/or digits attached to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. It can be known as a post code, postcode or ZIP code depending upon the country and it's postal / mail system. In the United States each city or area has multiple ZIP codes, so it is important to know what your specific zip code is.

The ZIP Code is used in the USA for specific location information and is made up of 5 digits. The five-digit ZIP Codes begin with a digit from 0-9 that represents a region of the U.S. "0" represents the northeastern U.S. and "9" is used for the western states. Each subsequent digit of the ZIP code further refines the geographic area to help pinpoint the correct post office.

Insurance companies use the ZIP or postal code as a locator for garaging addresses of a policyholder's vehicle. Your birth date may be needed later in the insurance process but we need locate your region by your postal/ZIP code to start the auto insurance quote.

On our site, if you are a US or Canadian user - enter your zip/postal code into the quote box and select 'Start Quote.'

If you are a visitor from the UK, please follow the link on our front page for UK Car Insurance visitors.

Please contact us if you are from any other country. We currently are adding partners from many countries.


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