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Reviewing Your Auto Insurance Policy and Shopping for Car Insurance is the Only Way to save in 2009

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS — January 2, 2009 — CarInsurance.com, a company that is leading the way in selling auto insurance over the Internet and directly to consumers through its Online Insurance Marketplace™, is looking to help consumers save on auto insurance in 2009. CarInsurance.com has added more options for consumers so they will save on their car insurance quote in 2009. CarInsurance.com offers car insurance and car insurance resources in all 50 states with added agency relationships in 43 states and the District of Columbia. Throughout 2008, CarInsurance.com expanded its independent online insurance agency into 15 new states including Alabama, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Washington DC. At the end of January, CarInsurance.com will expand into Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming to complete its national footprint.

Americans are desperately on the lookout for ways to cut their spending in these tough economic times. CarInsurance.com works with customers and companies to find less expensive car insurance choices. That is the goal; find companies that will offer their customers a better auto insurance quote on insurance. Let consumers see all the accurate car insurance quote options on one screen. Put consumers in charge of how they spend their money on car insurance. Provide auto insurance companies with financial strength and reliability so shoppers are protected and get quick claims service. With CarInsurance.com’s single-site experience, visitors enter their information once on a simple car insurance quote website. CarInsurance.com represents multiple car insurance companies including Progressive, Esurance, The Hartford, Travelers, Unitrin Direct, Safeco, Meritplan, Newport, QBE, and Direct General. CarInsurance.com is an independent auto insurance agency, not an insurance company. After reviewing quotes, shoppers can purchase the selected policy immediately through CarInsurance.com, while remaining on the CarInsurance.com website or calling their licensed agents. During the purchase process, the selected insurance company gathers all the available rating information to provide a final, accurate auto insurance price. Consumers get an instant policy number, proof of insurance, payment options, and other convenient features are available online or through their sales center.

In addition to all the products offered by CarInsurance.com, they also offer the largest online car insurance website with answers, tips, and resources for shoppers. Not only can you purchase insurance from top auto insurance companies, you can also learn more about your options and research every car insurance situation. “Our goal is to be everything car insurance for our visitors. We want to educate visitors that the experience at CarInsurance.com is better and different than any other car insurance website,” said CIO, David Fitzgerald.

2009 brings changes to insurance laws in a few states. North Carolina drivers will now be required to have Uninsured Motorist or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist. In Georgia, drivers must choose how they want their Uninsured Motorist coverage limits to be paid in case of an accident. Colorado now requires insurers to include Medical Payments coverage (MEDPM) of at least $5,000 on all policies and drivers can opt-out of the coverage by signing a rejection form. Utah changed the law to require the minimum limits for Bodily Injury Liability increase to $25,000/$65,000. In August, Alabama raised its auto insurance requirements to 25/50/25. As you can see, many states change their requirements and CarInsurance.com is available to provide answers and up to date online solutions for shoppers. By comparing rates between companies, consumers are able to see how the changes will affect them and learn the best auto insurance options in every state. With auto insurance, the best rate last year may not be the best rate this year. Shoppers need to use CarInsurance.com's simple quote form to get car insurance rates from multiple companies. Shoppers can quickly see the options available online and see if their auto insurance rate is the best rate this year.

In 2009, CarInsurance.com will continue to answer questions and help consumers understand all the changes to the car insurance laws. Their licensed professionals receive 25 to 75 new questions a day and provide help with most insurance situations. Insurance shoppers can visit http://www.carinsurance.com/ and use the Questions & Answers section to see how the laws have changed and what consumers need to do so they save in 2009. CarInsurance.com's Learning Center including:

  • Professional Questions and Answers
    We have professionals ready to answer your car insurance questions. Do a quick search and you will find many questions and answers. We answer over 200 auto insurance questions a week and post the most relevant car insurance answers to help you.
  • Car Insurance Articles
    Understand your rights as a consumer. We have informative articles written by our industry experts and car insurance professionals. Including many hot, relevant topics that help you find ways to save on car insurance, learn about car related topics and other insurance related topics.
  • Auto Insurance News and Headlines
    CarInsurance.com is the first online insurance provider that offers quotes, instant online policies, and auto insurance news that affects you! We give consumers all the information they need to make informed auto insurance decisions.
  • U.S. Insurance Companies
    Learn which companies are available to you in each state. Use this information to find new carriers or research your insurance company. Learn why so many companies are available and how to use them to save money in your state.
  • Insurance Coverage Calculator
    Online insurance coverage calculator to inform you about the auto insurance coverage that is right for you. Figuring out car insurance can be confusing and this tool will help you understand better. Answer a few short questions and we'll give you some car insurance guidance on limits, deductibles and what kind of coverage you need.
  • Insurance Coverage - Understand Car Insurance
    Online insurance coverage definitions to keep you informed about car insurance. Understand and learn about each type of coverage and what it does to protect you. Insurance can be confusing, but we work to help you be informed about your options. Research shows that 72% of web users like self-help options to educate themselves. For those users that want the human touch, our call center is available to assist you.
  • Company Strengths, Comparisons, Ratings and Analysis
    It is important to understand the financial strength of each insurance company when you are comparing auto insurance quotes. This is more important with smaller companies that have less expensive rates. CarInsurance.com evaluates all the companies it offers and we will not offer a company that has a poor rating. You can be confident with the policy we sell you.
  • Car Insurance Terms and Insurance Glossary
    Many insurance terms are misunderstood and confusing. If you have a term that you don't understand then review our glossary of car insurance terms. You can visit our question and answer section to get a specific answer about a term.
  • U.S. Auto Insurance Requirements
    View an interactive map of the car insurance laws in the United States. Look up individual state requirements for minimum insurance and follow the state links to get important information about insurance in each state.
  • State Car Insurance Regulators and Assistance
    Look up insurance information specific to your state by going directly to your state's insurance regulation site. We think it is important for every consumer to understand their rights as a consumer.
  • State Motor Vehicle Departments and Laws
    Look up licensing and registration information specific to your state by going directly to your state's department that is responsible for vehicle licensing and car registrations. Driver licenses, traffic violations, collisions, and auto registrations go hand in hand with auto insurance.

CarInsurance.com recognizes that more and more drivers are visiting their site without having prior car insurance on their vehicle. That means that drivers need to stay protected against uninsured motorists. As economic times get harder, some drivers will allow their insurance to lapse. It is important in 2009 to keep an active auto insurance policy, but more important to stay protected with Uninsured Motorist coverage in case you are in a fender bender with an uninsured driver. States are seeing an increase in license and vehicle registration suspensions because of drivers with no insurance. CarInsurance.com is an online site that helps motorist with car insurance premiums. CarInsurance.com has added the ability to shop and compare your home insurance along with your auto insurance. With this option, you will see the discount on your auto insurance policy and have the ability to buy your home insurance policy immediately online through Safeco Insurance. CarInsurance.com represents many companies that will issue a policy even if you do not have an existing insurance policy; everyone needs insurance.

In 2009, many are predicting that car insurance rates will rise. CarInsurance.com will help you find the company in your state that is not raising rates. You will find the company that includes discounts to save on your policy with CarInsurance.com’s Quote Discount option. CarInsurance.com has seen its quote premiums much lower than national averages listed on other websites. This month, a new tool will show the average quoted premiums on our platform and the affects to all drivers in each state. In addition, if CarInsurance.com does not represent the least expensive car insurance company they will make them available so you can shop through their website, but you should be able to click, compare, and save at CarInsurance.com without visiting any other website.

CarInsurance.com hopes that drivers will prepare for 2009. Shopping for car insurance is not exciting, but you have to be protected against the unforeseen. Car insurance shopping should be fast and efficient. Drivers should shop for the lowest auto insurance every year and find a company that will protect them. CarInsurance.com offers new tools to allow more Americans to compare car insurance rates and save on car insurance costs.

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