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When does the FR-44 three-year period start - from the time of the license suspension or from the time you get the insurance coverage?


Your question in full: The FR-44 insurance is required for 3 years. When does the 3 year period start, from the time it of the suspension or from the time you are covered by insurance? My license is lost for 18 months, and I have no vehicle to cover with insurance.

Currently, the states of Virginia and Florida require an FR-44 form to be filed for certain alcohol-related violations, such as driving under the influence (DUI). Both states may mandate the SR-22 form for lesser offenses.

In Virginia, you need to obtain the financial responsibility certificate (FR-44) and maintain it for three years from the date your driver's license revocation ends. If, however, you obtain a restricted driver's license, then you are required to carry the FR-44-mandated insurance for a total of four years.

In Florida, the FR-44 is required for a period of three years from the original suspension date. If you don't obtain the FR-44 right away in Florida, you would have to maintain it only until the third anniversary of your license suspension.

Should you want to get the FR-44 now, to get a restricted license before the suspension is over in 18 months, you may be able to get a non-owner's policy if you do not own a car and are not in a household where you could be put on a car insurance policy.

At CarInsurance.com we are able to offer non-owners insurance in most states. If we offer this type of policy in your state then on the vehicle screen it will have the option of choosing "Check this box if you do not own a vehicle and would like to purchase a non-owners policy."

CarInsurance.com can also help you obtain a Florida or Virginia car insurance policy with a FR-44 filing, when you get a quote and purchase car insurance online with us.

If you indicate the alcohol-related offense and request an SR-22, we will bump your coverage requirements and after you purchase the policy the insurance company will file the FR-44 on your behalf. Get started now with instant car insurance quotes.


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