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If an individual already has full coverage on a car, why is an SR-22 more expensive?


It's not the SR-22 form that makes your car insurance policy more expensive; it's the accident or violation behind it that causes your rates to rise.

Typically, if you are required to carry the SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility, it is for reasons that cause your car insurance company to see you as more of a risk to them. Some reasons that a SR-22 may be required include:

  • You've failed to provide proof to DMV that you have liability insurance.
  • You've been convicted of driving without insurance.
  • You've been involved in an uninsured accident.
  • You are applying for a hardship or probationary permit.
  • Convicted of a DUI/ DWI or certain other serious moving violations.
  • You're found to be a habitual traffic offender.
  • You're reinstating your driver's license after suspension or revoked license.

When you're seen as a high-risk driver, due to something your insurer sees on your driving record, your car insurance rates will be higher -- whether the SR-22 is required or not.

You need to realize that your motor vehicle record (MVR) is a major rating factor in the cost of auto insurance. Anything on your MVR, especially something serious that causes the state to mandate that you acquire and maintain the SR-22, will affect your car insurance premiums.

The more risk you pose to a car insurance company, the more money they'll charge you for your car insurance policy. So your full coverage policy now will cost more due to whatever it is that your insurer sees on your driving record, not because of the SR-22 requirement. In fact, the cost of the SR-22 form itself doesn't go beyond the filing fee, which is typically only $15 to $25.

Just because you are required to carry the SR-22 doesn't mean you can't shop around and still find affordable auto insurance.

CarInsurance.com has partners that offer insurance policies that include an SR-22 filing. When going through our quoting process please indicate "Yes" on the driver portion of our online quote when it asks: "Does this driver require a financial responsibility filing?" if you need to find an auto insurance company that will file the SR-22 for you.

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