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Is a SR 22 required in GA?


Yes, an SR-22 can be required of a driver in Georgia under certain circumstances.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) mentions the Form SR-22, Georgia Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate, future proof of insurance when mentioning suspensions, revocations and cancellations of a driver's license.

One specific area of GA law that discusses the SR-22 is section 375-3-3-.02 of the Georgia Code which is titled Proof of Financial Responsibility for Probationary License.

Here it states that proof of financial responsibility must be made by an authorized insurance company filing a Form SR-22 certifying that the violator has in effect a valid liability insurance policy covering the required future time span or, by the owner of a motor vehicle filing a Form DS-266 showing that the owner has provided insurance on the vehicle to be operated by the driver. Such proof of financial responsibility must include full name, license number and date of birth of operator.

The DDS will accept a "premium financed" SR-22 provided: (a) It is clearly marked as premium financed; (b) Cancellation of policy for non-payment of premium is not allowable under the expiration of ninety (90) days from effective date of policy. The policy may be cancelled prior to the expiration of ninety (90) days set forth above upon sufficient reason in the discretion of the Commissioner being made known to him in writing.

An SR-22 form not marked "premium financed" is accepted on the basis that it is paid in full. The Department will not accept a cancellation notice (SR-26) for non-payment of the premium and the policy must remain in effect for the statutory required length of time.

Subsection 6 of this Georgia law states that if an SR-22 form filed on a premium financed policy is cancelled for non-payment of premium, another premium financed SR-22 will not be accepted by the Department for a period of twelve (12) months from the date that the original SR-22 was accepted.

Georgia Code section 40-9-81 also discusses future proof of financial responsibility. Proof required upon restoration of driver's license suspended for certain offenses

Here it states under (a) that whenever any person is convicted of any offense making mandatory the suspension of such person's driver's license, the department shall not restore the license to such person until permitted under the motor vehicle laws of this state, and not then unless and until such person shall give and thereafter maintain proof of financial responsibility for the future.

(b) If such person does not have the required proof at any time during the one-year period following the date of restoration of his driver's license, the department shall immediately revoke the license.

So there are a few reasons why Georgia may require a SR22 form. If your license has been suspended, revoked or canceled and you are going to get your license reinstated it is likely that GA may require you to file a SR-22. You can check with the GA DDS to find out all the reasons the state may require this certificate of financial responsibility. 


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