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How much does it cost to get SR-22 insurance?


The car insurance coverage you purchase that is associated with the SR-22 form will be rated according to all the normal rating factors that usually go into calculating the base rate of a car insurance policy, regardless of the SR-22 form filing.

The rates are not different if you are getting an SR-22 or not. 

However, the reason behind why you need a SR-22 is likely to cause your rates to be high.  The reasons states require a SR-22 be filed varies, but typically it is due to a serious offense, such as driving without insurance, receiving a DUI, or reinstating a license after a suspension. 

So, if the reason the state mandated you to file the SR-22 is related to a serious offense that your car insurance company will see as making you a riskier driver to insure, then you will pay more for your car insurance policy since your driving record is a rating factor look at by all auto insurers.  Other rating factors include things like your age, marital status, ZIP code, and claims history.

The SR-22 itself doesn’t cost more than just its filing fee.  (See "SR-22: The questions drivers ask most" for more information)

Insurance companies are typically allowed to charge a nominal fee for filing the financial responsibility form (certificate) to the state. State laws differ, however, the SR-22 form filing fee is typically only $15 to $25.

Not all car insurance carriers offer to file the SR-22 for you, but you can still compare car insurance rates with the companies that do offer it and make sure you’re getting the most affordable car insurance possible. 

Presently, the best way to obtain a SR-22 filing with CarInsurance.com is by contacting our call center toll-free at 1-855-430-7658. Our agents will help you obtain a quote for the coverage you need.

We work with insurers such as Direct General, Esurance, Infinity, Progressive and QBE for SR-22 filings. Not all insurance companies do business in all states, though.

Most companies can provide immediate proof of insurance via e-mail or fax. Processing of SR-22 requests depends mostly on whether your state accepts filings electronically.

This type of policy is typically deemed to be high-risk, so there may be limitations compared with a standard personal auto insurance policy. You should compare car insurance though our standard car insurance quoting procedure if you don't require a SR-22.


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3 Responses to "How much does it cost to get SR-22 insurance?"
  1. Frederick Compton

    I am 57 years old and I reside in the state of Oregon. In 2010, I was convicted for a DUI. I have successfully completed all requirements from the state (treatment programs, etc.). I am ready to have my driver's license reinstated but I do not own a motor vehicle of any kind. Approximately how much would it cost to get a non-owner SR-22?

  2. Visitor

    What is the cost of a SR-22 if you have no vehicle?

  3. Anonymous

    There is no specific ballpark information or an average of the cost, beyond the cost of the form.