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What is SR-21?


An SR-21 may be used in different states for different reasons -- such as for verification of insurance, a crash report or just as a form number.

For example, in Florida a SR-21 form is used for insurance verification. A person can receive a suspension of their license for a SR-21 denial. This denial is a result of a Florida driver providing the Department of Public Safety with proof of motor vehicle insurance coverage upon demand and that coverage being denied by the named insurance company. The information is sent to the company and is required to be confirmed or denied and returned to the department for processing. The DPS issues a suspension as soon as they get a denied message from the insurance company.

In Georgia, a SR-21 is form used as a notice of liability insurance. In Georgia, this is an insurance carrier form and should be filed if you were in an accident. The form is filled out from the insurance company to prove that there was liability insurance in effect on the date of the accident.

The SR-21 is most widely known for the state of Indiana's SR-21, Certificate of Compliance. Here it is a form that must be filed by your auto insurance agent after an accident. Filing this form certifies you met the state's financial responsibility requirements at the time of the accident.

An SR-21 form in Indiana may also be referred to as the Indiana Operator Proof of Insurance Report. Since January 1, 2006 the driver of any vehicle involved in an auto accident resulting in injury or death or total property damage of $1,000 or more must make a report on an SR-21 form to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) within 10 days of the accident.

In Indiana, the SR-21 was known until the end of 2005 as the Indiana Operator's Vehicle Crash Report. The Bureau revised the form to better identify who is actually insured on the form. The new form is titled "Indiana Operator's Proof of Insurance/Crash Report" and is State Form 52441, but still commonly referred to as an SR-21.

Since an SR-22 document is proving that the vehicle operator was insured, this form must be signed by an authorized insurance representative (your agent). You can download the form from the Indiana BMV if you are in Indiana, but must have a car insurance company representative fill it out.

In most states, if they have a SR-21 it is to verify that you have at least the state required auto insurance in place; however, to find out how your state uses this term you can contact your Department of Motor Vehicles.

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