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I got a speeding ticket in Maine doing 83 in a 55 zone. I am a New Hampshire resident. Will I get points on my license if I pay the ticket off?


Yes. If you pay the Maine speeding ticket for 28 mph over the limit you will be convicted of the speeding violation and the information will be sent to your home state of New Hampshire, where they will place it on your driving record and assign it points.

New Hampshire and Maine are both part of the Driver License Compact (DLC), which requires member states to report back to the licensing state of a motorist any moving violation convictions. So upon your conviction of the speeding violation, Maine's courts should inform the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about it.

The New Hampshire Administrative Rules, specifically Saf-C 212.02, says that any person convicted under the laws of another state for a traffic violation that would have constituted a violation if committed in New Hampshire, will be assessed the same number of points.

The demerit points list is found under Saf-C 212.03. Here it shows that three points are assessed to a driver convicted of speeding under 25 mph above the posted speed limit and four points for 25 mph or more above the posted speed limit. So unless you can get your Maine speeding ticket reduced to under 25 mph over the limit, you will get four points on your NH motor vehicle record (MVR).

The NH DMV notes that points stay on a person's record for three years. Points are divided by each calendar year so if you receive points in the year 2011, the points will finally drop off in the year 2014. Also it is the violation date, not the conviction date, that the New Hampshire DMV uses to determine your points total each calendar year.

If you are worried about accumulating too many points on your New Hampshire record, the state does allow you to attend a driver improvement program to reduce your point total. The New Hampshire DMV says you can have the most recent point assessment total reduced by three points if you successfully complete an approved driver improvement course or driver attitude course.

To be eligible for the point reduction, the course must be completed within the period for which the points are being assessed. This allows reductions to be applied retroactively by the state.  You cannot have your point total reduced by more than three points during any three complete consecutive calendar year periods. So if you have already recently taken the points-reducing driver course, you would not be eligible now to get more points reduced.

If you are interested in taking a driving course to reduce points to help with the points you will be accumulating due to your out-of-state traffic ticket, contact the New Hampshire Department of Safety or Division of Motor Vehicles for more information on eligibility and a list of authorized schools you could attend.

Since your Maine speeding ticket will go on your New Hampshire record, your car insurance company will see it and your car insurance rates may be affected. If your premium does go up due to this speeding ticket then shop around for auto insurance.

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