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Will speeding ticket in NY add points to CT driving record?


Question: I received a speeding ticket in NY, and I hold a CT driver's license. Will the points be added to my CT driving record?

Answer: Your home state of Connecticut and the state in which you were cited for speeding, New York, are both members of the Drivers License Compact (DLC) meaning that if you are convicted of the speeding offense by the NY courts they will inform the CT Department of Motor Vehicles.

The CT Department of Motor Vehicles typically assigns points to a person's driving history if they are convicted of a violation but not if you make a payment in full and dispose of your case. The CT DMV stated to us that if you hold a Connecticut Commercial Driver's License (CDL) then the violation would appear on your Connecticut record.

However, if your license is a regular passenger car driver's license, Connecticut will not place the out of state violation to you CT record or assign points. The only time Connecticut would take action on this violation is if you do not pay the NY ticket and then the New York State courts contacted the CT DMV and requested them to suspend your license for non-payment or failure to comply with the speeding citation.

Since the CT DMV should not place the NY speeding violation on your Connecticut driving record it is doubtful that your insurance company would find out about this moving violation conviction and thus, it would not likely affect your rates.

If your rates are somehow affected, compare insurance companies for better premiums.


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4 Responses to "Will speeding ticket in NY add points to CT driving record?"
  1. carolann

    My boyfriend's license is in Connecticut, but we now live in Massachusetts. Will his driving record follow him? He has several speeding tickets, but has always paid the fine.

  2. Anonymous

    very informative

  3. Anonymous

    I know 100% sure that your points for a CT ticket will not show up if you have a NY license. They will be on your record but the points will not surface (which helps with insurance).

  4. Anonymous

    The question specifically asked about points being added to the CT drivers license, not whether the violation would be on the driving record. Points from out of state do not always transfer to the drivers own state and each state has a different point system, therefore the points awarded in the place the ticket was given will not be the same for the same violation in the drivers own state.