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The most stolen cars in every state in 2016


Honda Accords and Civics, followed by Ford and Chevy pickups, were the most-stolen vehicles in the country last year. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) just released its annual “Hot Wheels” list, which ranks the vehicles most favored by thieves.

Most-stolen vehicles by state

In 26 states, the most-stolen model last year was a Chevrolet or Ford pickup truck. Honda Accords and Civics rounded out much of the rest of the states' top targets, but there were some exceptions. The workhorse of the multi-tasking parent -- the minivan -- and namely the Dodge Caravan, was heisted most in three states -- Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin. Michigan had the lone distinction of having the most Impalas stolen. In some northern, southwestern and mountain states, Jeeps cracked the top 10 most-stolen lists.

Below are the most-stolen vehicles in each of the 50 states, and Washington D.C., for 2016:

StateRankVehicleVehicle YearThefts
Alabama1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2004623
Alabama2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2005457
Alabama3Honda Accord1996251
Alabama4Toyota Camry2016249
Alabama5Nissan Altima2006203
Alabama6Chevrolet Impala2005200
Alabama7Trailer Trailer2016176
Alabama8Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001165
Alabama9GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)1999156
Alabama10Ford Mustang2002125
Alaska1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999259
Alaska2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)1997146
Alaska3GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)200084
Alaska4Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)200181
Alaska5Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee199566
Alaska6Honda Civic199959
Alaska7Honda Accord199457
Alaska8Ford Explorer200249
Alaska9Subaru Legacy199948
Alaska10Ford Focus200731
Arizona1Honda Civic19981,036
Arizona2Honda Accord1997953
Arizona3Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2001933
Arizona4Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006771
Arizona5Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001421
Arizona6Nissan Altima2015286
Arizona7Toyota Camry2016273
Arizona8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2001219
Arizona9Toyota Corolla2015205
Arizona10Chevrolet Malibu2015196
Arkansas1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1994534
Arkansas2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004318
Arkansas3Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001174
Arkansas4GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)2011160
Arkansas5Honda Accord2000146
Arkansas6Toyota Camry2015129
Arkansas7Nissan Altima2015111
Arkansas8Chevrolet Tahoe200391
Arkansas9Chevrolet Impala200888
Arkansas10Chevrolet Pick-Up (Small Size)199879
California1Honda Civic199826,972
California2Honda Accord199625,065
California3Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20047,152
California4Toyota Camry19915,196
California5Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20065,193
California6Acura Integra19943,579
California7Toyota Corolla20153,508
California8Honda CR-V19992,944
California9Nissan Sentra19972,614
California10Nissan Altima20152,599
Colorado1Honda Accord19971,367
Colorado2Honda Civic19981,304
Colorado3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20061,011
Colorado4Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000664
Colorado5Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2000568
Colorado6Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001428
Colorado7Subaru Impreza2004317
Colorado8Subaru Legacy2001294
Colorado9Toyota Camry1997286
Colorado10Ford Explorer2002231
Connecticut1Honda Civic2000573
Connecticut2Honda Accord1997549
Connecticut3Nissan Altima2015180
Connecticut4Nissan Maxima1998154
Connecticut5Toyota Camry2002151
Connecticut6Honda CR-V1999127
Connecticut7Toyota Corolla2016117
Connecticut8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000112
Connecticut9Dodge Caravan2000103
Connecticut10Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200497
Delaware1Honda Accord199786
Delaware2Honda Civic199871
Delaware3Toyota Camry201141
Delaware4Nissan Altima201538
Delaware5Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee200033
Delaware6Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200430
Delaware6Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)199930
Delaware7Ford Explorer200229
Delaware8Hyundai Sonata201127
Delaware9Chevrolet Impala200823
District Of Columbia1Honda Accord1994159
District Of Columbia2Dodge Caravan2002113
District Of Columbia3Toyota Camry201078
District Of Columbia4Toyota Corolla201076
District Of Columbia5Nissan Altima201575
District Of Columbia6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee200166
District Of Columbia7Honda Civic201459
District Of Columbia8Chevrolet Impala201139
District Of Columbia8Chrysler Town & Country200239
District Of Columbia9Chevrolet Malibu201538
Florida1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20062,211
Florida2Nissan Altima20151,275
Florida3Toyota Camry20161,248
Florida4Honda Civic20001,109
Florida5Honda Accord20161,106
Florida6Toyota Corolla20151,075
Florida7Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2005810
Florida8Hyundai Sonata2016679
Florida9Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2005530
Florida10Chevrolet Impala2016484
Georgia1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20041,055
Georgia2Honda Accord1997951
Georgia3Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1994852
Georgia4Toyota Camry2016612
Georgia5Nissan Altima2015596
Georgia6Honda Civic1998550
Georgia7Dodge Charger2016535
Georgia8Chevrolet Impala2008530
Georgia9Toyota Corolla2016396
Georgia10Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2005366
Hawaii1Honda Civic2000368
Hawaii2Honda Accord1994230
Hawaii3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006141
Hawaii4Toyota Tacoma200285
Hawaii5Toyota Camry199875
Hawaii6Toyota Corolla200369
Hawaii7Ford Pick-Up (Smalll Size)199768
Hawaii8Acura Integra199458
Hawaii9Nissan Frontier200653
Hawaii10Jeep Wrangler199951
Idaho1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2000110
Idaho2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)199791
Idaho3Honda Accord199768
Idaho4Honda Civic199757
Idaho4Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)200157
Idaho5GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)199945
Idaho6Ford Explorer200338
Idaho7Chevrolet Pick-Up (Small Size)199825
Idaho8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee199424
Idaho9Dodge Caravan200121
Illinois1Dodge Caravan20031,150
Illinois2Chevrolet Impala2006678
Illinois3Honda Civic2000529
Illinois4Toyota Camry2016518
Illinois5Chevrolet Malibu2013485
Illinois6Nissan Altima2015475
Illinois7Honda Accord1997453
Illinois8Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2005415
Illinois9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2015411
Illinois10Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006405
Indiana1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)1999719
Indiana2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999616
Indiana3Chevrolet Impala2006445
Indiana4Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)1999282
Indiana5Chevrolet Malibu2011276
Indiana6Ford Taurus2003209
Indiana7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000207
Indiana8Pontiac Grand Prix2004205
Indiana9Chevrolet Pick-Up (Small Size)1998197
Indiana10Ford Explorer2002181
Iowa1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2005265
Iowa2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2005223
Iowa3Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001135
Iowa4Chevrolet Impala2007130
Iowa5Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee199979
Iowa5Ford Taurus200279
Iowa6Toyota Camry201271
Iowa7Pontiac Grand Prix200468
Iowa8Honda Accord199764
Iowa9Honda Civic200062
Kansas1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2000499
Kansas2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004379
Kansas3Honda Accord1996374
Kansas4Honda Civic1998348
Kansas5Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)1999270
Kansas6GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)1993129
Kansas7Chevrolet Impala2006114
Kansas8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1999107
Kansas9Toyota Camry1999102
Kansas10Toyota Corolla201088
Kentucky1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)1997360
Kentucky2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2000340
Kentucky3Toyota Camry2011231
Kentucky4Chevrolet Impala2008194
Kentucky5Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)1999145
Kentucky6Honda Accord1998134
Kentucky7Toyota Corolla2015130
Kentucky8Ford Explorer2003126
Kentucky9Chevrolet Malibu2016124
Kentucky10Nissan Altima2015117
Louisiana1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2006651
Louisiana2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006572
Louisiana3Honda Accord2006279
Louisiana4Toyota Camry2014240
Louisiana5Nissan Altima2012235
Louisiana6GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)2008198
Louisiana7Chevrolet Impala2005183
Louisiana8Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001178
Louisiana9Toyota Corolla2015148
Louisiana10Chevrolet Tahoe2003141
Maine1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)200229
Maine2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200121
Maine3GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)200819
Maine4Toyota Corolla201412
Maine5Honda Civic199811
Maine6Chevrolet Impala20078
Maine6Ford Focus20038
Maine7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee20007
Maine7Toyota Camry19987
Maine8Dodge Caravan20066
Maryland1Honda Accord2012733
Maryland2Dodge Caravan2003526
Maryland3Toyota Camry2011345
Maryland4Honda Civic2000309
Maryland4Nissan Altima2015309
Maryland5Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006278
Maryland6Toyota Corolla2013275
Maryland7Hyundai Sonata2013204
Maryland8Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2003198
Maryland9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000184
Massachusetts1Honda Accord1997530
Massachusetts2Honda Civic1998479
Massachusetts3Toyota Corolla2015220
Massachusetts4Toyota Camry2005208
Massachusetts5Dodge Caravan2000204
Massachusetts6Nissan Altima2015199
Massachusetts7Honda CR-V1999193
Massachusetts8Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004148
Massachusetts9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000140
Massachusetts10Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)200789
Michigan1Chevrolet Impala2008764
Michigan2Dodge Charger2016536
Michigan3Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2002527
Michigan4Chevrolet Malibu2013474
Michigan5Chrysler 300/300M2015455
Michigan6Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004450
Michigan7Chevrolet Trailblazer2007446
Michigan8Dodge Caravan2002420
Michigan8Ford Fusion2016420
Michigan9Pontiac Grand Prix2004370
Minnesota1Honda Accord1997620
Minnesota2Honda Civic1998534
Minnesota3Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999421
Minnesota4Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2001248
Minnesota5Toyota Camry1999235
Minnesota6Honda CR-V2000229
Minnesota7Chevrolet Impala2005190
Minnesota8Dodge Caravan2005142
Minnesota9Toyota Corolla2005125
Minnesota10Chevrolet Malibu2005123
Mississippi1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2005324
Mississippi2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004279
Mississippi3Toyota Camry2001130
Mississippi4Chevrolet Impala2008110
Mississippi5Nissan Altima2015109
Mississippi6Honda Accord1997108
Mississippi7GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)199586
Mississippi8Chevrolet Tahoe200374
Mississippi8Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)200674
Mississippi9Chevrolet Malibu201159
Missouri1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20041,029
Missouri2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999815
Missouri3Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)1999458
Missouri4Dodge Caravan2003431
Missouri5Chevrolet Impala2008413
Missouri6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000328
Missouri7Chevrolet Malibu2009296
Missouri8Honda Accord1995284
Missouri9Toyota Camry2007249
Missouri10Ford Taurus2003240
Montana1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2006187
Montana2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)1995170
Montana3Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)200274
Montana4Honda Accord199271
Montana5GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)199746
Montana6Chevrolet Impala200640
Montana7Honda Civic199636
Montana8Ford Explorer199835
Montana9Subaru Legacy199931
Montana10Chevrolet Pick-Up (Small Size)199129
Nebraska1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2000280
Nebraska2Honda Civic1998201
Nebraska3Honda Accord1996198
Nebraska4Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004181
Nebraska5Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001148
Nebraska6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee200091
Nebraska7Chevrolet Impala200363
Nebraska7Chevrolet Pick-Up (Small Size)199663
Nebraska8GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)199954
Nebraska9Chevrolet Malibu201350
Nevada1Honda Accord19971,170
Nevada2Honda Civic19981,131
Nevada3Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2006423
Nevada4Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006413
Nevada5Nissan Altima1997259
Nevada6Nissan Sentra1997253
Nevada7Toyota Camry2016252
Nevada8Toyota Corolla2015193
Nevada9Nissan Maxima1998187
Nevada10Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2004179
New Hampshire1Honda Accord201225
New Hampshire2Honda Civic201220
New Hampshire3Toyota Camry199917
New Hampshire4Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200316
New Hampshire5Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)200314
New Hampshire6Toyota Corolla200312
New Hampshire7Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)200811
New Hampshire7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee200111
New Hampshire8Ford Explorer200410
New Hampshire8GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)199710
New Jersey1Honda Accord1996692
New Jersey2Honda Civic2000671
New Jersey3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006427
New Jersey4Dodge Caravan2003425
New Jersey5Nissan Altima2015281
New Jersey6Ford Econoline E2502003254
New Jersey7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000252
New Jersey7Ford Econoline E3502002252
New Jersey8Toyota Camry2014227
New Jersey9Toyota Corolla2015202
New Mexico1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20041,190
New Mexico2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2005889
New Mexico3Honda Civic1998709
New Mexico4Honda Accord1997607
New Mexico5Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001403
New Mexico6GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)2006319
New Mexico7Toyota Camry1991185
New Mexico8Chevrolet Tahoe2004173
New Mexico9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1994162
New Mexico10Chevrolet Pick-Up (Small Size)1997138
New York1Honda Accord1997617
New York2Honda Civic1998612
New York3Toyota Camry2015450
New York4Nissan Altima2015412
New York5Ford Econoline E3502012318
New York6Toyota Corolla2016304
New York7Honda CR-V1997260
New York8Nissan Maxima1998251
New York9Dodge Caravan2002247
New York10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2015235
North Carolina1Honda Accord1997703
North Carolina2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004500
North Carolina3Toyota Camry2007434
North Carolina4Honda Civic1998415
North Carolina5Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2003390
North Carolina6Nissan Altima2015361
North Carolina7Toyota Corolla2015256
North Carolina8Chevrolet Impala2016247
North Carolina9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1999214
North Carolina10Ford Explorer2002200
North Dakota1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999136
North Dakota2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200580
North Dakota3Chevrolet Impala200445
North Dakota4Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)199736
North Dakota5Pontiac Grand Prix200225
North Dakota6GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)201223
North Dakota6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee199823
North Dakota7Dodge Caravan200018
North Dakota8Honda Accord200417
North Dakota9Chevrolet Trailblazer200415
Ohio1Dodge Caravan2002687
Ohio2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2005634
Ohio3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004603
Ohio4Chevrolet Impala2006568
Ohio5Honda Accord2000515
Ohio6Chevrolet Malibu2005478
Ohio7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2001444
Ohio8Honda Civic2000424
Ohio9Toyota Camry2007385
Ohio10Jeep Liberty2003332
Oklahoma1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)19941,189
Oklahoma2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004814
Oklahoma3Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001550
Oklahoma4Honda Accord1996298
Oklahoma5GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)2000290
Oklahoma6Honda Civic2000273
Oklahoma7Chevrolet Impala2008185
Oklahoma8Toyota Camry1998160
Oklahoma9Chevrolet Malibu2011145
Oklahoma10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1995139
Oregon1Honda Accord19971,671
Oregon2Honda Civic19981,474
Oregon3Subaru Legacy1997477
Oregon4Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)1999361
Oregon5Toyota Camry1991288
Oregon6Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2005243
Oregon7Acura Integra1994208
Oregon8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1994191
Oregon9Toyota Corolla1993185
Oregon10Subaru Impreza2000173
Pennsylvania1Honda Accord1997519
Pennsylvania2Honda Civic2000500
Pennsylvania3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004347
Pennsylvania4Nissan Altima2015282
Pennsylvania5Toyota Camry2016267
Pennsylvania6Chevrolet Impala2008232
Pennsylvania7Toyota Corolla2016220
Pennsylvania8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2001219
Pennsylvania9Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2004206
Pennsylvania10Ford Explorer2002196
Rhode Island1Toyota Camry199796
Rhode Island2Honda Civic199893
Rhode Island3Honda Accord200478
Rhode Island4Toyota Corolla200355
Rhode Island5Nissan Maxima200242
Rhode Island6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee201539
Rhode Island6Nissan Altima201539
Rhode Island7Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200438
Rhode Island8Dodge Caravan200230
Rhode Island9Hyundai Sonata201428
South Carolina1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2006685
South Carolina2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2006470
South Carolina3Honda Accord1996411
South Carolina4Toyota Camry2011249
South Carolina5Chevrolet Impala2006230
South Carolina6Nissan Altima2015216
South Carolina7Honda Civic1999212
South Carolina8Ford Explorer2002182
South Carolina9Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2005163
South Carolina10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000161
South Dakota1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)200191
South Dakota2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200173
South Dakota3Chevrolet Impala200836
South Dakota4Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)199832
South Dakota5Honda Accord200326
South Dakota6Ford Explorer199624
South Dakota7Ford Taurus200322
South Dakota8Chevrolet Malibu200819
South Dakota8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee199919
South Dakota9GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)199818
Tennessee1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999690
Tennessee2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)1997510
Tennessee3Honda Accord1996383
Tennessee4Nissan Altima2015297
Tennessee5Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2001264
Tennessee6Chevrolet Impala2008263
Tennessee7Honda Civic2000258
Tennessee8Toyota Camry2016238
Tennessee9GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)2000221
Tennessee10Nissan Maxima1997206
Texas1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20067,333
Texas2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20056,271
Texas3Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)20042,871
Texas4Honda Accord19961,521
Texas5Honda Civic20001,384
Texas6Chevrolet Tahoe20041,340
Texas7GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)20011,308
Texas8Toyota Camry20161,132
Texas9Nissan Altima20151,119
Texas10Chevrolet Impala2008897
Utah1Honda Accord19971,000
Utah2Honda Civic1998932
Utah3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2001275
Utah4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2001230
Utah5Toyota Camry2000149
Utah6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1999136
Utah7Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)2005125
Utah8Subaru Legacy1998122
Utah9Toyota Corolla2005118
Utah10Nissan Altima1997110
Vermont1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)200310
Vermont1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)200210
Vermont2Subaru Forester20049
Vermont3Honda Civic20128
Vermont4Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)20026
Vermont4Toyota Corolla20046
Vermont5Ford Focus20055
Vermont5Subaru Legacy20045
Vermont5Toyota Camry20095
Vermont6Dodge Caravan20074
Virginia1Honda Accord2002337
Virginia2Toyota Camry2016263
Virginia3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2004262
Virginia4Honda Civic1998259
Virginia5Nissan Altima2015218
Virginia6Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)2003174
Virginia7Toyota Corolla2015154
Virginia8Chevrolet Impala2008138
Virginia9Ford Explorer2002136
Virginia10Nissan Sentra2015135
Washington1Honda Accord19974,480
Washington2Honda Civic19983,965
Washington3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)1999842
Washington4Acura Integra1994754
Washington5Toyota Camry1991743
Washington6Subaru Legacy1996742
Washington7Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1997650
Washington8Honda CR-V1999512
Washington9Toyota Corolla1998452
Washington10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1994363
West Virginia1Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2003105
West Virginia2Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)200399
West Virginia3Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee200045
West Virginia4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Small Size)199942
West Virginia5Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)199638
West Virginia6Ford Pick-Up (Smalll Size)199435
West Virginia7Chevrolet Malibu201129
West Virginia7Ford Focus201529
West Virginia8Chevrolet Impala200427
West Virginia9Chevrolet Cavalier200325
Wisconsin1Dodge Caravan2002631
Wisconsin2Honda Civic2000404
Wisconsin3Honda Accord1997337
Wisconsin4Chevrolet Impala2002237
Wisconsin5Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999190
Wisconsin6Chrysler Town & Country2002183
Wisconsin7Toyota Camry2016181
Wisconsin8Chevrolet Malibu2016158
Wisconsin9Dodge Stratus2004155
Wisconsin10Honda CR-V2000154
Wyoming1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)200155
Wyoming2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)201241
Wyoming3Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)200419
Wyoming4GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)199916
Wyoming5Honda Accord199612
Wyoming6Chevrolet Malibu199811
Wyoming7Dodge Durango20049
Wyoming7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee19999
Wyoming8Ford Expedition20068
Wyoming8Ford Pick-Up (Small Size)20008

Most-stolen vehicles for 2016

While Honda Accords and Civics dominate this annual list, they are older, pre-“smart key” production models. Since the introduction of smart keys and other anti-theft technology, Honda thefts have decreased significantly. When looking at just the most-stolen 2016 model year cars,  there were only 493 Accord thefts last year, according to the NICB.

The most stolen models, overall by number of thefts, last year:


Make/Models with
the most thefts

YearTotal thefts
1Honda Accord50,427
1Honda Accord19977,527
1Honda Accord19967,286
1Honda Accord19946,157
1Honda Accord19955,617
1Honda Accord19923,022
1Honda Accord19932,831
1Honda Accord19912,634
1Honda Accord19901,988
2Honda Civic49,547
2Honda Civic19987,578
2Honda Civic20006,512
2Honda Civic19976,061
2Honda Civic19995,103
2Honda Civic19963,939
2Honda Civic19953,885
2Honda Civic19942,471
2Honda Civic19932,381
2Honda Civic19921,267
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)32,721
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20062,986
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20042,661
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20052,487
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20032,265
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)19992,154
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20012,042
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20021,968
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20001,770
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20071,485
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)19971,407
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)20081,288
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)31,238
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20042,107
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20052,057
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20061,910
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20031,897
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20011,890
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)19991,836
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20001,811
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20021,782
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)20071,650
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)19971,228
4Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)19941,141
5Toyota Camry16,732
5Toyota Camry20161,113
6Nissan Altima12,221
6Nissan Altima20151,673
7Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)12,128
7Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)20011,288
8Toyota Corolla11,989
8Toyota Corolla20151,070
9Chevrolet Impala9,749
9Chevrolet Impala20081,013
10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee9,245
10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000898

2016 most stolen vehicles

How car theft affects car insurance rates

Stolen vehicles, whether yours or not, can still have an impact on what you pay for car insurance.

Many factors go into calculating car insurance rates, including the number and severity of claims for your ZIP code and type of car you drive. That means owning a model favored by thieves can mean higher premiums.

If your car is stolen, you’re not covered for theft unless you have bought comprehensive insurance coverage, which pays for physical damage losses resulting from incidents other than collision.

"Comprehensive by itself is pretty cheap, especially on older cars," says Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for CarInsurance.com. "Covering a 1996 Accord with comprehensive and a $500 deductible would be about $100 to $200 a year, even in the most theft-prone states."

The average yearly cost nationwide for comprehensive coverage is $139, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

You can use our average car insurance rates tool to find out what people pay for car insurance in your ZIP code or state.

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