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Safest driving cities in the U.S.

Drive carefully road signKansas City, Kansas bumped out three-year incumbent Fort Collins, Colorado to become the city with the safest drivers, according to a new insurance claims report.

The annual "Allstate America's Best Drivers Report," now in its 11th year, is based on an analysis of accident claims to determine how often crashes occurred in the 200 largest U.S. metro areas.

Brownsville, Texas, and Boise, Idaho, also top the list of cities that can brag about having the safest drivers. The least safe cities include Boston, Worcester, Massachusetts, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

New this year, the report provides information about what insures say is a notable factor in collisions – braking habits -- in approximately 100 cities nationally. Allstate pulled data from its Drivewise offering, which monitors driving habits to determine if drivers qualify for a safe-driving discount, to determine braking trends. A hard braking event is defined as slowing down 8 miles per hour or more over a one-second time interval.

Allstate found a correlation between hard braking and collision frequency. Cities with higher collision frequency also recorded more hard braking events. Nationally, on average, a driver will experience 16 hard braking events for every 1,000 miles driven, according to Allstate.

Factors that affect average car insurance rates

Many factors go into setting your car insurance rate, including your driving record, the type of car you drive and the amount and severity of claims filed within in your ZIP code. Here is how 200 cities rank for safe drivers. Use our average car insurance rates tool to find premiums for your ZIP code:

Safest Driving City Ranking
CityAvg. Years Between AccidentsRelative Accident Likelihood (Compared To Nat’l Avg.)2014
Safest Driving City Ranking
Change From 2014 To 20152015
Drivewise Braking Events per 1,000 Miles
1Kansas City, KA13.3-24.8%4+3N/A
2Brownsville, TX13.3-24.6%20N/A
3Boise, ID13.1-23.5%3014.0
4Fort Collins, CO12.7-21.1%1-316.6
5Cape Coral, FL12.7-21.0%15+1016.3
6Madison, WI12.2-18.2%9+38.1
7Cedar Rapids, IA11.8-15.1%11+4N/A
8Laredo, TX11.7-14.7%80N/A
9Huntsville, AL11.7-14.7%5-4N/A
10Cary, NC11.6-13.8%24+14N/A
11Wichita, KS11.5-13.0%16+59.4
12Reno, NV11.5-12.7%17+515.7
13Montgomery, AL11.4-12.4%6-7N/A
14Olathe, KS11.4-12.3%10-413.1
15Springfield, MO11.4-12.3%38+2314.6
16Colorado Springs, CO11.4-12.1%14-217.1
17Kansas City, MO11.3-11.8%12-515.3
18Port St. Lucie, FL11.3-11.8%26+813.8
19Des Moines, IA11.3-11.7%13-66.8
20Birmingham, AL11.2-10.7%32+12N/A
21Lincoln, NE11.0-9.1%18-3N/A
22Fort Wayne, IN11.0-8.9%35+1313.5
23Amarillo, TX10.9-8.1%34+11N/A
24Lakewood, CO10.9-8.0%19-520.5
25Mobile, AL10.6-6.0%28+3N/A
26Omaha, NE10.6-6.0%21-511.9
27Mesa, AZ10.6-5.9%22-520.1
28Chandler, AZ10.6-5.7%31+322.8
29Knoxville, TN10.6-5.6%27-217.2
30Peoria, AZ10.6-5.4%47+1717.2
31Lexington, KY10.6-5.2%46+1515.5
32Overland Park, KS10.5-4.9%29-311.3
33Gilbert, AZ10.5-4.4%20-1318.2
34Dayton, OH10.3-2.6%49+1516.2
35Eugene, OR10.3-2.5%23-1213.4
36McAllen, TX10.2-2.1%51+15N/A
37Tucson, AZ10.2-2.1%43+619.3
38Winston-Salem, NC10.2-1.8%41+3N/A
39Scottsdale, AZ10.1-1.3%45+621.3
40Tallahassee, FL10.1-0.5%44+417.2
41Hampton, VA10.1-0.5%42+112.6
42Sioux Falls, SD10.0+0.3%36-9N/A
43Jacksonville, FL10.0+0.3%54+1115.4
44Lancaster, CA10.0+0.3%50+6N/A
45Milwaukee, WI9.9+0.6%37-810.3
46Rockford, IL9.9+0.9%25-2118.0
47Tempe, AZ9.9+1.2%33-1419.4
48Toledo, OH9.9+1.4%66+1816.9
49Newport News, VA9.8+2.0%48-114.3
50El Paso, TX9.8+2.1%56+6N/A
51Chattanooga, TN9.8+2.1%30-2114.2
52St. Petersburg, FL9.8+2.3%58+615.3
53Lubbock, TX9.8+2.5%40-13N/A
54Akron, OH9.6+4.1%74+2014.1
55Joliet, IL9.6+4.2%52-319.2
56Chesapeake, VA9.6+4.2%64+811.1
57Henderson, NV9.6+4.7%57017.6
58Corpus Christi, TX9.5+4.8%59+1N/A
59Salinas, CA9.5+5.6%53-6N/A
60Indianapolis, IN9.4+6.5%76+1614.9
61Glendale, AZ9.4+6.8%65+420.9
62Tulsa, OK9.3+7.3%96+3414.2
63Phoenix, AZ9.3+7.4%79+1620.6
64Spokane, WA9.3+7.5%71+712.9
65Aurora, IL9.2+8.5%68+320.3
66Rancho Cucamonga, CA9.2+8.6%61-5N/A
67Clarksville, TN9.2+8.7%110+4314.5
68Palmdale, CA9.2+8.8%70+2N/A
69Louisville, KY9.2+8.9%60-914.5
70Cleveland, OH9.2+9.0%98+2814.7
71Thousand Oaks, CA9.1+9.3%82+11N/A
72Greensboro, NC9.1+9.5%55-17N/A
73Fort Lauderdale, FL9.1+9.7%125+5218.8
74Salt Lake City, UT9.1+10.0%67-715.2
75Orlando, FL9.1+10.1%128+5318.8
76Columbus, GA9.1+10.3%73-3N/A
77Raleigh, NC9.1+10.5%101+24N/A
78Elk Grove, CA9.0+10.5%83+5N/A
79Ontario, CA9.0+10.8%91+12N/A
80Oxnard, CA9.0+10.8%100+20N/A
81Minneapolis, MN9.0+11.0%90+912.4
82Augusta, GA9.0+11.0%92+10N/A
83Nashville, TN9.0+11.3%63-2016.1
84Denver, CO9.0+11.5%88+417.3
85St. Louis, MO9.0+11.5%105+2015.0
86Bakersfield , CA9.0+11.7%81-5N/A
87Shreveport, LA8.9+11.8%84-313.1
88Richmond, VA8.9+12.0%97+914.4
89Oklahoma City, OK8.9+12.1%87-213.4
90Fayetteville, NC8.9+12.2%75-15N/A
91Durham, NC8.9+12.2%108+17N/A
92Moreno Valley, CA8.9+12.9%78-14N/A
93Virginia Beach, VA8.8+13.1%111+1813.1
94Vancouver, WA8.8+14.3%94011.9
95West Valley, UT8.7+14.3%80-1517.3
96Memphis, TN8.7+14.4%93-319.2
97Fontana, CA8.7+14.4%86-11N/A
98Fresno,  CA8.7+14.5%62-36N/A
99Pasadena, TX8.7+14.7%95-4N/A
100Naperville, IL8.7+15.1%107+719.8
101Pamona, CA8.7+15.2%118+17N/A
102San Bernardino, CA8.7+15.2%69-33N/A
103Huntington Beach, CA8.7+15.3%99-4N/A
104Santa Rosa, CA8.7+15.3%119+15N/A
105Escondido, CA8.6+15.7%113+8N/A
106Waco, TX8.6+15.7%77-29N/A
107Modesto, CA8.6+15.7%72-35N/A
108Santa Clarita, CA8.6+15.9%85-23N/A
109Albuquerque, NM8.6+16.1%126+1713.4
110Detroit, MI8.6+16.6%104-621.7
111Pembroke Pines, FL8.6+16.9%132+2123.3
112Chula Vista, CA8.5+17.0%89-23N/A
113Las Vegas, NV8.5+17.0%123+1018.3
114Jackson, MS8.5+17.3%106-812.7
115Sacramento, CA8.5+18.0%114-1N/A
116Warren, MI8.5+18.0%124+822.1
117Stockton, CA8.5+18.1%1170N/A
118Aurora, CO8.5+18.3%115-319.1
119Columbus, OH8.4+18.4%135+1616.5
120Salem, OR8.4+18.7%102-1813.5
121St. Paul, MN8.4+18.9%103-1815.9
122Charleston, SC8.4+19.0%N/AN/AN/A
123San Diego, CA8.4+19.2%112-11N/A
124Riverside, CA8.4+19.3%120-4N/A
125Hialeah, FL8.3+19.9%189+6421.3
126Oceanside, CA8.3+20.6%109-17N/A
127Anchorage, AK8.3+20.7%131+4N/A
128North Las Vegas, NV8.3+21.1%130+220.8
129Orange, CA8.2+21.6%133+4N/A
130Little Rock, AR8.2+21.8%122-813.7
131Tampa, FL8.1+23.0%160+2917.2
132Corona, CA8.1+23.0%121-11N/A
133Syracuse, NY8.1+23.3%136+315.5
134Chicago, IL8.0+24.4%139+524.7
135Killeen, TX8.0+24.8%129-6N/A
136Jersey City, NJ8.0+25.3%152+1621.5
137San Antonio, TX7.9+26.1%142+5N/A
138Norfolk, VA7.9+26.4%143+513.0
139Santa Ana, CA7.9+26.6%137-2N/A
140Grand Rapids, MI7.9+26.6%116-2414.8
141Hollywood, FL7.9+26.8%148+723.2
142Charlotte, NC7.9+26.8%127-15N/A
143Savannah, GA7.9+27.0%149+6N/A
144Miramar, FL7.9+27.1%157+1322.7
145Baton Rogue, LA7.9+27.2%134-1116.5
146Frisco, TX7.8+27.6%145-1N/A
147Miami, FL7.8+28.2%186+3926.1
148Long Beach, CA7.8+28.6%141-7N/A
149Columbia, SC7.8+28.8%154+5N/A
150Honolulu, HI7.8+28.9%140-10N/A
151New York, NY7.7+29.0%155+428.3
152Rochester, NY7.7+29.1%144-817.2
153Fort Worth, TX7.6+30.9%147-6N/A
154McKinney, TX7.6+31.5%166+12N/A
155Yonkers, NY7.6+32.3%167+1226.8
156Hayward, CA7.6+32.3%138-18N/A
157Buffalo, NY7.5+32.7%178+2121.0
158New Orleans, LA7.4+34.4%181+2313.2
159Irvine, CA7.4+35.0%156-3N/A
160Cincinnati, OH7.4+35.9%170+1015.5
161Sterling Heights, MI7.3+36.3%164+322.9
162Mesquite, TX7.3+36.4%168+6N/A
163Plano, TX7.3+36.5%150-13N/A
164Tacoma, WA7.3+36.6%153-1115.9
165San Jose, CA7.3+37.0%151-14N/A
166Austin, TX7.3+37.1%159-7N/A
167Pasadena, CA7.3+37.6%169+2N/A
168Newark, NJ7.3+37.7%180+1225.7
169Sunnyvale, CA7.3+37.8%163-6N/A
170Houston, TX7.2+37.9%158-12N/A
171Grand Prairie, TX7.2+38.0%172+1N/A
172Fremont, CA7.2+39.0%165-7N/A
173Anaheim, CA7.2+39.1%146-27N/A
174Bellevue, WA7.1+40.7%N/AN/A19.8
175Arlington, TX7.1+40.9%176+1N/A
176Fullerton, CA7.0+42.4%171-5N/A
177Dallas, TX7.0+43.0%174-3N/A
178Torrance, CA7.0+43.5%161-17N/A
179Atlanta, GA7.0+43.8%1790N/A
180Paterson, NJ6.9+44.2%184+425.0
181Garland, TX6.9+44.4%182+1N/A
182Irving, TX6.9+44.4%175-7N/A
183Portland, OR6.9+45.0%177-618.4
184Seattle, WA6.9+45.9%173-1114.9
185Pittsburgh, PA6.8+46.2%187+218.7
186Garden Grove, CA6.8+46.9%162-24N/A
187Bridgeport, CT6.7+49.0%185-221.2
188Oakland, CA6.6+52.1%183-5N/A
189New Haven, CT6.3+59.9%191+222.9
190Alexandria, VA6.2+60.5%193+3N/A
191Los Angeles, CA6.1+63.3%188-3N/A
192Philadelphia, PA6.1+64.4%192033.9
193San Francisco, CA6.1+65.0%190-3N/A
194Glendale, CA5.6+79.4%1940N/A
195Providence, RI5.3+87.4%196+1N/A
196Springfield, MA5.2+93.1%197+1N/A
197Washington, DC4.8+106.3%198+1N/A
198Baltimore, MD4.7+113.9%195-320.6
199Worcester, MA4.5+120.7%200+1N/A
200Boston, MA3.9+157.7%199-113.4
The Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report® tabulates property damage collision frequency of Allstate insured drivers from 2012-2013.
The report analyzes the 200 largest cities from the U.S. Census Bureau's Annual Estimates of the Population for Incorporated Places over 50,000, measured for 2013 as of July 1, 2014. In prior years, neighboring cities that shared zip codes also shared rankings. This only impacted a minimal number of cities; however, in 2014 and 2015, the report used geolocation to increase accuracy and there are no longer shared rankings. U.S. Census Bureau data was used to obtain the population density factor. For the precipitation factor, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data was utilized. Allstate Drivewise® data is based on Allstate customers voluntarily enrolled in the telematics program from 2010-2014. A number of cities from the full 200 Best Drivers rankings are excluded in the Drivewise data due to the limited measurable data available, or because Drivewise was not available (California, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas).
The Allstate Best Drivers Report is produced solely to boost the country’s discussion about safe driving and to increase awareness of the
importance of being safe and attentive behind the wheel. The report is not used to determine auto insurance rates.

Accident-free and safe driver car insurance discounts

Safe driving, besides protecting you and those around you, is also cheered by insurers because fewer accidents mean fewer repair and medical claims. Crashes and moving violations will push up premiums, but a clean driving record for a certain number of years -- typically three -- should snag a discount of 10 to 25 percent.

Some car insurance companies offer an “accident-free” discount starting at 5 percent to drivers who do not have an at-fault accident for a specified period, typically three or five years, depending on the insurer. Accident-free discounts usually to the bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and medical payments portions of your policy.

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