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Will speeding ticket from another state affect insurance rate?


I received a speeding ticket for going between 15 and 20 mph over the speed limit in Massachusetts. I'm a NYS driver. Since this is an out-of-state ticket, I do not receive points on my license. However, will this affect my insurance rates?

You are correct that the Massachusetts ticket will not give you points on your New York State driver's license because with a few exceptions New York State also does not record out-of-state violations on your driving record.

The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles has decided that though other states inform them of traffic ticket convictions that they will not record out of state violations committed by New York licensed drivers except for in certain alcohol or drug related violations or moving violations that took place in Quebec or Ontario, Canada.  Since the offense going on york NYS motor vehicle record (MVR) it also is not assessed any points.

Insurance companies vary on how tickets and points affect your insurance rates. Your insurance company must file its rates with the NYS Insurance Department with whom you can find out more information but since the MA speeding ticket will not be on your NY MVR it is unlikely your New York car insurance provider will find out about the violation and thus will not rate you on it. You can check state car insurance rates for more information.


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