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Will a ticket for not wearing a seat belt cause my insurance rates to rise in Mass?

To find out if a seat belt ticket will cause your insurance rates to rise in Massachusetts you can contact the MA Division of Insurance. The DOI sets the auto insurance rates for the state each year. A safety belt violation might give you a surcharge towards your state's Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP).

SDIP is mandated in MA to establish classifications of risk to fairly reflect the driving records of insureds and adjust premiums. The plan encourages safe driving by rewarding drivers who do not cause accidents or incur traffic law violations with a credit to their auto insurance premiums while discouraging unsafe driving by requiring high risk drivers to pay a higher insurance rate.

You also receive surcharge points if you are convicted of, or pay a fine for a traffic violation; or are assigned to a drug or alcohol education program. If you disagree with a traffic violation, you must appeal it through the court system. Traffic violations cannot be appealed to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals or the Merit Rating Board.

If you are convicted of a seat belt violation and pay a fine then it can cause your insurance rates to rise.


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1 Responses to "Will a ticket for not wearing a seat belt cause my insurance rates to rise in Mass?"
  1. Njuguna Muigai

    I don't think anyone should be ticketed for not wearing a safety belt . It's not worse than passing a red light or driving under influence.