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I received a speeding ticket in Minnesota for going 76 in a 55 speed zone. I have a California drivers license and live in CA. Will I receive points in CA, or other penalties?


The state of Minnesota, where you received the speeding ticket, and your home state of California both are members of the Drivers License Compact which allows the states' department of motor vehicle agencies to exchange information regarding their licensed driver's out of state tickets.

In Minnesota driving over the posted speed limit results in a citation and fine. Additional fines are charged for going 20 or more mph over the speed limit, which you were doing. Fines are doubled if you are in a marked construction zone.

Once Minnesota's Department of Public Safety or courts notifies the California DMV of this out of state speeding ticket, they will put the violation on your CA driving record. According to the California violation points list, there is also a one point assessment for out of state speeding violations.

To see if other penalties will also apply for the Minnesota speeding violation, contact the CA DMV. If your insurance rates rise due to this or other moving violations you have on your driving record, you can contact us for a low cost car insurance quote.


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