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Does uninsured motorist coverage in the State of Ohio include "hit and run" property damage?


According to the Ohio Department of Insurance when you buy liability insurance, your insurance agent or company may offer you Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) bodily injury coverage. This coverage takes the place of the liability coverage the other driver did not have and pays for injuries to you and your passengers when the other driver did not have enough insurance to pay for your injuries.

If you purchase this coverage, you cannot buy more coverage for UM/UIM BI than you have for liability coverage. Ohio law does not allow you to protect yourself better than you protect others.

Uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD) is a separate type of UM coverage that pays for physical damages to property caused by an uninsured driver. However, since collision and UMPD pay for the same damages, you do not need UMPD if you have collision coverage.

Normally if you are involved in an accident with an unidentifiable driver, you must show that his or her negligence caused the accident and your resulting injuries and property damage. The OH DOI does not mention if UMPD will cover a hit and run accident or not so if you already have this coverage read your policy and/or ask your agent.

Typically, this should be covered under Comprehensive and/or Comprehensive/Other Than Collision coverage and not UMPD.

If you are thinking of purchasing UMPD coverage for your vehicle in Ohio, check with the insurance company you are going through to find out if damage from a hit and run would be covered with this or if you would be better off with collision coverage instead.


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3 Responses to "Does uninsured motorist coverage in the State of Ohio include "hit and run" property damage?"
  1. Anonymous

    I am trying to be compensated from being hit my an uninsured motorist!

  2. Anonymous

    Hit & Run property damage will only be covered by UMPD if the driver of the hit & run vehicle is identified and proven to not have insurance. In most hit & runs, the driver of the hit & run vehicle is not identified and therefore it is a collision claim and subject to your collision deductible. I had this happen to me once. Even though the hit & run driver left his totaled vehicle behind and fled on foot, the uninsured owner of the vehicle very conveniently reported it stolen a couple hours later, leaving the possibility that the person who supposedly "stole" the vehicle could have possibly had insurance. And therefore, I got stuck paying the $500 deductible. Not fair, but thats how it is.

  3. Anonymous

    Years ago, I had UMPD coverage which actually waived 100% of my collision coverage deductible when the uninsured driver hit me. I am trying to find a company that still offers that coverage even though I also carry collision coverage. And one, the preferably waives the entire deductible as it used to.