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What is the difference between Full Tort and Limited Tort?


Question: What is the difference between Full Tort and Limited Tort? Which is suggested? Is it safe to choose limited tort when you are still making payments on vehicles?

Answer: Full Tort allows a motorist and policyholder to retain unrestricted rights to bring a lawsuit against the negligent party in an automobile accident. Limited Tort allows drivers to save on their premiums by waiving their right to recover certain damages, such as payments for pain and suffering.

So with Full Tort you are keeping your right to file suit to receive compensation for pain and suffering for injuries sustained in an accident that is someone else's fault. Limited Tort may prevent you from seeking compensation for these items, unless your injuries are found to be serious and permanent.

The Tort system varies from state to state so you should check with our state pages to see how your state's tort system is set up.

The decision whether to go with Full or Limited Tort is a personal one. You may take into consideration how likely you think you would use Full Tort and if it is worth the increase in insurance premiums. You should purchase as much as insurance as you can afford.

Since the Tort system usually deals with injuries and not property damage, it normally would not matter if the car is financed or not when making your decision on picking Full or Limited Tort.

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