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What does mechanical breakdown insurance do?

Mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) covers repairs to mechanical parts of your vehicle that break.  Unlike car insurance physical damage coverages of collision and comprehensive, mechanical breakdown insurance covers your car’s mechanical parts that break in events not related to an auto insurance accident.

Mechanical breakdown insurance is usually available for new or leased cars and must be purchased within a specific time frame and number of miles (e.g. less than 15 months old and with less than 15,000 miles).

With mechanical breakdown insurance coverage, after you pay your deductible amount (typically $250), repairs to most all of your vehicle’s mechanical parts are covered.  The common exceptions to this type of policy are repairs made necessary by:

  • improper maintenance,
  • regular wear and tear,
  • intentional damage,
  • misuse of your vehicle, or
  • corrosion. 

Regular maintenance services are also not covered by mechanical breakdown insurance.  This includes items such as oil changes, tune-ups, wheel balancing, tires, alignment, coolants, lubrication, filters, fluids, brake pads and linings, brake shoes and spark plugs.

Is mechanical breakdown insurance mandatory?

No.  Mechanical breakdown insurance is not required coverage. 

What happens if I don’t have mechanical breakdown insurance?

You will have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs if your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical issues if you are without mechanical breakdown insurance and are without a warranty that will cover the issue.