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What are the penalties for having too many people in a car, while driving with a NJ provisional license?


According to the New Jersey Driver's Manual holders of GDL Permits or Provisional licenses may receive a $100 fine for violating any GDL conditions.

There could possibly be other penalties but you will need to contact the court listed on your citation or the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to find out the exact penalties for driving with more than one passenger that is not from your residence and thus too many people under the conditions of your provisional license.

New Jersey requires that you must observe the following requirements and restrictions while driving with only a provisional license:

  • No driving between 12:01 a.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Passengers must be from your household. Only one additional person from outside your household is allowed in the vehicle
  • You can't use cell phones, hand held video games or any other hand held electronic device
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times
  • There are GDL hours-related exemptions for employment or religious reasons

In late 2007 the NJ Governor appointed a group called the Governor's Teenage Driver Safety Study Commission whose job was to analyze a wide range of issues, including driver education, passenger restrictions for young drivers and penalties for newer drivers who violate traffic laws. The group is considering recommending that an identifier, perhaps a sticker, be required on a vehicle so that police officers will know if a driver is breaking the curfew or transporting too many passengers.

So the state of NJ is always trying to make the roadways safer forĀ young drivers as well as the other drivers that share the roadway with a teen learning how to drive and gaining experience behind the wheel. The Commission that the Governor put together was to deliver their report in March 2008 so you may want to see what recommendations they made and if any are trying to be made part of NJ laws by being going through the legislative process.


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