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What is the penalty for driving alone with a learners permit in the state of Pennsylvania?

We contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to find out what the penalties are for driving against the restrictions of your learner's permit, such as driving alone and without the required supervising licensed adult. Unfortunately neither representative we contacted could tell us about the penalties.

Both representatives apologized for the inconvenience and advised us that the situation requires further research by their department. We can only hope that if you contact PennDOT directly you have more luck getting an answer. You may possibly need to appear in person at a licensing office to see if they can show you what the stated law is for not abiding by the restrictions on a PA learner's permit.

While we have been unable to find out the penalties for driving alone with a permit we do have the following information to give about obtaining and maintaining a permit in Pennsylvania.

After successfully completing a physical examination, vision screening and knowledge test, young drivers may begin behind-the-wheel practice. Basic driving skills and safe habits are developed under adult-supervised conditions. Requirements under the law include:

Six months of learning: A six-month skill-building period to practice and gain experience is required before a young driver may take the road test for a junior license.

Supervising adult for permit holder must be at least 21: An experienced, licensed driver aged 21 or older must accompany the young driver at all times.

50 hours of adult-supervised skill building: A parent or guardian must certify (Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C)) that the young driver's six months of skill building included at least 50 hours of practical, adult-supervised driving experience.

Nighttime driving restriction begins at 11 p.m.: The young driver may not be behind the wheel between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Young drivers may travel for employment and for volunteer or charitable service during these hours, but they must carry proper documentation.

Passenger limitation: The number of passengers must not exceed the number of seat belts in the vehicle. This applies to all drivers under age 18.

Learner's permit valid for one year: The learner's permit will be valid for one year with extensions for those requiring more practice time.

Required sanctions for high-risk drivers under age 18: A young driver's permit will be suspended for 90 days if he or she accumulates six or more points or is convicted of a single high-speed violation (driving 26 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit).

If you are able to get a clear answer from PennDOT regarding the penalties for driving alone in a vehicle with just a learner's permit or have other information about this offense (like if you would be charged for driving without a license) please leave a comment so that we and others can share in this knowledge.


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