It can be difficult to get insurance if someone else finances a car for you for several reasons. One is that you do not have an insurable interest. Since the other party has the car in their name (and thus is the registered owner), you do not have an insurable interest in the vehicle.

But, there are insurance companies that will allow you to get insurance though you do not have an insurable interest in the car if you have care, custody and control of the vehicle.

Another issue is that the finance company will require the person who financed the vehicle to be the one who holds the insurance policy on the car. The financing company (lien holder) has a say over the insurance requirements since the car is its asset.

If you are the named insured but not named on the loan, the lien holder may require the buyer to be listed on the insurance policy as a named insured.

One way to get car insurance is to have the buyer get car insurance and list you as the principal operator. If their insurance provider knows that you’re the primary driver for the car, it’ll want to make sure you’re listed on the policy.

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— Michelle Megna contributed to this story.

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