Question: I recently had someone added to my car insurance. Can I now remove him from my insurance policy if I don’t want to pay for him anymore?   

Answer:  It depends.  Does the person still drive your car on a regular basis?  Is the person a licensed household member?  If the person has access to your vehicle or frequently operates it, then it’s unlikely that your car insurance company will let you take him off of your policy.

Car insurance companies rate your policy based on the risk you -- and others who drive your vehicle -- possess.  If you added the person to your policy because he drives your car, and he still continues to, then your car insurance carrier isn’t likely to let you take him off just so you can save money.

Instead, if the situation has changed since you placed the person on your policy, then it may be possible to remove him from your policy.

For instance, if this person was your boyfriend, but you broke with him up and now he no longer drives your vehicle.  Or, if it’s a child who moved out and doesn’t use your vehicle at all.  In these scenarios, the person wouldn’t presently have access to your vehicle or be driving it on a regular basis.  If this is the case, then your car insurance company would be much more agreeable to taking the person off of your auto policy.

To remove a person from your car insurance policy, especially if the person was living with you previously, you may be required to show proof that the person has moved out of your residence and/or has his own car insurance policy in place. 

If the person still lives with you or has access to your vehicle -- and thus in the eyes of your insurer still poses a risk to it -- then removing him completely from your policy isn’t likely unless he has turned in his license or has obtained a car insurance policy of his own.

If you just don’t want to pay for that driver -- say he now has a DUI on his record, and you know your raises will increase at the next renewal -- then you can see if your state and car insurance carrier will allow you to exclude him from your policy.

When a named driver exclusion is allowed, your insurer will note the person as an excluded driver on your policy and won’t rate on that individual. In return, the insurer won’t extend coverage to that person if he or she drives your insured vehicle, even in an emergency.

Without knowing your full situation, I can only give you the above options that may be available.  To find out if your particular car insurance company will allow you to remove the person you recently added to your policy, you need to contact it directly and discuss your circumstances.

If you’re unable to remove or exclude the driver from your policy but still want to save money, then shop around.  Car insurance rates vary tremendously from one carrier to the next.  Compare car insurance companies and premiums to find the best fit for your current situation.

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Penny Gusner
Consumer Analyst/Insurance Expert

Penny has been working in the car insurance business for more than 10 years and has become an expert on procedures, rates, policies and claims. She has seen it all, and working with from its inception, she researches the routine and the bizarre with equal enthusiasm. She has three very active children and a husband with a zeal for quirky cars.