It is important to inform the insurance company of anyone that may operate your vehicle even if on an infrequent basis. You should contact your insurance agent or insurance company to determine what their procedure is for adding a driver.

It depends on the insurance company, their guidelines, and their rating systems if someone can be listed as an occasional driver on your vehicle.

Not all insurance carriers rate using an occasional driver or primary driver. An occasional driver is typically rated at a lower rate than a primary driver by insurance providers that do have these different designations. Also, it may be possible to have a person listed as the primary on one vehicle but not on all household vehicles.

Regardless of cost, you will need to tell the use defined by your specific insurance carrier of those who operate your vehicle.

You can get a safe auto insurance quote here to see how drivers of different ages with different driving records may affect your premiums.

— Michelle Megna contributed to this story.

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