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Do your car insurance rates go up once you reach 65?


Seniors in convertibleNo, insurance rates do not always go up once you reach age 65. It will depend upon state laws and insurance company guidelines if auto insurance rates will be raised after a driver turns a certain age. However, CarInsurance.com rate data shows that there is a small jump in rates, on average, from age 55 to 65.


Here are the average rates by age, so you can see how costs compare for age 65, based on CarInsurance.com's rate analysis:

AgeState minimum50/100/50100/300/100

Some companies offer lower rates to those between 50 and 65 years of age, since this group has lower accident rates. After age 65 rates do typically begin to rise again. Those over age 70 may have difficulty finding an insurer to accept them as a new customer since the frequency of accidents for this age group tends to increase.

There are auto insurance providers that give mature driver discounts for drivers of a certain age with clean records, or discounts to seniors who attend an approved driving course. Typically, a mature driver discount for those who have taken a driver refresher course are five to 10 percent.

To see what type of senior driver courses might be available to you, check with your insurance company and/or with the state DMV for a list of approved schools. Either your agent or the DMV should be able to tell you if any of the courses are available for you to take online or if you must participate in person.

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