If you’re a car insurance policyholder in Oklahoma, you’re probably like drivers across the country who are always on the lookout for ways to save money on premiums.

The 2022 national average for full coverage car insurance is $1,693 a year, according to CarInsurance.com research and the Oklahoma state average is $1,799 per year.

The good news is that just about anybody can get a discount on their insurance. In Oklahoma, several auto insurance discounts are available that can help reduce your costs by as much as 12% annually – saving you hundreds.

Key Highlights
  • There are different types of car insurance discounts available in Oklahoma. They include discounts based on a driver profile and education, billing and payments, customer loyalty, driving history and habits, occupation, and vehicle equipment.
  • On average, drivers who are teachers or firefighters in Oklahoma get a 12% savings on car insurance, as insurance companies consider them less risky to insure.
  • In Oklahoma, you can get 12% discount if you pay in full, and 4% to 16% for having multi-policy with the same insurer.
  • Based on Carinsurance.com analysis, American Farmers & Ranchers Grp offers the biggest combined discounts in Oklahoma at 20%.

Common car insurance discounts in Oklahoma that can maximize your savings

While actual savings will vary depending on your insurance company, driver profile, and other factors, you may qualify for multiple discounts that will significantly lower your car insurance premiums.

What follows are the most common car insurance discounts available when shopping for insurance in Oklahoma. If you’re looking to save money on your auto policy, make sure you ask about these discounts.

Discount TypePotential Annual Savings
Daily Commute4%
Good Student16%
Low Annual Mileage5%
Safety Devices1%
Years Insured13%

How much can you save with discounts in Oklahoma?

As seen in the table above, you can get a 1% discount on car insurance rates if you install safety devices in your vehicle. And most insurance companies offer various discounts, including 16% for students with good grades, 4% for completing an approved defensive driving course, and many others including paying in full, owning a new car, or getting married.

Occupational discounts

One of the more interesting discounts is those based on profession. If you’re a doctor or nurse, you might qualify for a car insurance discount. And there are many other occupational discounts, for example, some insurance companies offer discounts for teachers or firefighters. This is because insurers consider these professionals less risky to insure

On average, drivers in these professions can get as much as a 12% discount on their car insurance cost in Oklahoma. 

Here are some of the occupations that score auto insurance discounts:-

  • Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • Farmer
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Civil servant
  • Firefighter

Type of car insurance discounts in Oklahoma

Auto insurance premiums are calculated based on risk, including factors like age, driving experience, and location. But, in addition to the savings listed above, discounts are available for good driving history and habits and other behaviors. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars each year by making sure you take advantage of the offers below:

Discount TypePotential Annual Savings
Driver Profile & Education18%
Billing and Payments20%
Customer Loyalty25%
Driving History & Habits27%
Vehicle Equipment4%

Discounts based on the driver profile and education

Most of car insurance companies in Oklahoma offer discounts to those who take an approved driver education course or defensive driving course and those who prove they have a safe driving record. But there are many insurers who also give discounts to married people and students.

  • Marital status: Up to 14%
  • Good student discount: 13% to 18%

Discounts based on billing and payments

Another way to get a discount on your insurance is by going paperless and receiving your documents digitally. You can also pay in full, schedule automatic payments, and sign up online to reduce the cost of your insurance premium. 

You can also get an advance purchase discount on your car insurance if you sign up for coverage early. Some insurance providers give you a discount if you get a quote at least seven days before the policy’s effective date. You can get a similar deal if you switch early and have no lapse in coverage.

Here’s how much you can save :

  • Paid-in-full discount: 12%
  • E-payment discount: 5%
  • Paperless discount: 4%
  • Advance purchase discount: 7%

Discounts for customer loyalty and multi-policy

Insurers are always looking for ways to keep their customers, and often reward them with loyalty discounts.

Providers usually offer multi-car (insuring more than one car) and bundling (buying auto and home insurance policies from the same company) discounts. Drivers who stay with one insurance company for a length of time also may see discounts.

  • Long-term customer: 2% to 8%

Insurance companies in Oklahoma offer a loyalty discount of up to 6% to their continuing customers after a certain amount of time, and some companies may increase the discount the longer you remain an active customer. 

  • Multi-policy: 4% to 16%

People who purchase two or more insurance policies from the same company can take advantage of the multi-policy discount. Oklahoma drivers can get a 11% multi-policy discount on their car insurance. Individuals who bundle their auto and home insurance policies usually get the highest discounts from insurers.

Discounts based on driving history

If you’ve been accident-free and ticket-free for the past three years, you can get a safe driver discount on your car insurance rates in Oklahoma. You can also lower your bill if your vehicle use is limited to a certain type of driving or if you don’t travel far. 

Take a look at some of the discounts that are available based on driving habits and driving history:

  • Primary use (farm) discount: 3% to 24%
  • Primary use (pleasure) discount: 3% to 6%
  • Low annual mileage discount: 2% to 6%

Discounts for anti-theft and safety devices

Insurers offer discounts to their customers for having anti-theft devices and safety features in their vehicles.

A number of car insurance companies offer about a 1% discount for vehicles with safety devices including airbags and anti-lock brakes. However, not every company provides these to policyholders in Oklahoma.

Also worth noting, if you have an anti-theft device or a vehicle recovery system attached to your car, you can get a discount on your car insurance. The amount of the discount depends on your insurer.

Discounts by insurance companies

Some insurance companies offer bigger discounts than others – and the savings can vary accordingly. American Farmers & Ranchers Grp doesn’t offer the most discounts, but it offers potentially the biggest combined discount in Oklahoma. Based on CarInsurance.com’s analysis, you can possibly save an average of up to 20% with American Farmers & Ranchers Grp.

Progressive and Mercury have the most insurance discounts out of all the major car insurance companies doing business in Oklahoma, according to CarInsurance.com research.

Company NameNumber of Discounts OfferedPotential Savings
Mercury General 138%
Progressive 1315%
Allstate 1111%
Farmers 1113%
Shelter 115%
State Farm 1013%
American Farmers & Ranchers 821%
Home State 816%
Oklahoma Farm Bureau 48%

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Oklahoma?

If you are looking for even more affordable rates, you can check out our guide to the cheapest car insurance and choose an insurance company accordingly.

Based on CarInsurance.com’s study, we found USAA and Geico with $91 per month and $92 per month, respectively, provide cheap car insurance rates in Oklahoma.

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