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Hartford car insurance rates

Hartford downtownHartford, home to many major insurance companies, doesn't get much of a break on car insurance. This capital city has the most expensive car insurance rates in Connecticut. Six Hartford areas top the list as the priciest for car insurance in the state, all sharing an average rate of $2,361.

Whether you live in Hartford proper or commute from a distant suburb, you should comparison shop for insurance. No two insurers will offer you the same rate, and the difference between them can be measured in hundreds of dollars a year. For example, in Hartford ZIP code 06103, the highest rate among rates fielded from major insurers was $3,534, for a year of full coverage. The lowest rate ($1,249) is $2, 285 less.

Our Connecticut car insurance profile page lays out the rules for Connecticut drivers.



Average car insurance rates in Hartford by ZIP code

By entering your ZIP code and choosing from among six age groups and three coverage levels, you will see the average cost of Hartford car insurance in the tool below. You'll also see the highest and lowest rate fielded from major insurers, which shows how much you can save by comparing Hartford car insurance quotes. 

Hartford Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Code

Enter ZIP for average rate. Then enter Age, Gender and Coverage Level for customized rate.

Invalid ZIP code or data not available
  • 06106- HARTFORD: $97
  • 06120- HARTFORD: $97
  • 06112- HARTFORD: $97
  • 06105- HARTFORD: $97
  • 06266- SOUTH WINDHAM: $56
  • 06226- WILLIMANTIC: $56
  • 06331- CANTERBURY: $57
  • 06354- MOOSUP: $57

Here's how Hartford's highest average rate ($2,361) compares to others for full coverage:

$820 more than the state's least expensive average rate of $1,541 for ZIP code 06475, Fenwick

$590 more than the state average of $1,771

$1,006 more thant the national average of $1,355

Hartford car insurance requirements

Connecticut state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability$25,000/$50,000
Minimum property damage liability$25,000
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$20,000/$40,000

Cheap Hartford car insurance

Typically, the cheapest car insurance you can get is a policy that only meets the state required minimum level of coverage to drive legally. 

Connecticut requires car owners to buy liability insurance of  $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury liability and $25,000 for property damage liability. These new limits just went into effect Jan. 1, 2018, so if you carried the prior minimum required, you'll want to see how your rates are affected when state laws hike liability limits.

Best car insurance: Hartford

Penny Gusner, CarInsurance.com consumer analyst, recommends that drivers, regardless where they live, buy more insurance than is required to drive. Even a minor accident can cost much more in repair and medical bills than what a bare-bones policy will pay out. You will pay more for more protection, but as you’ll see  below, additional liability coverage is typically affordable. To increase your limits to 50/100/50, you’ll pay an average of $107 more yearly, or just $9 a month. Increasing your insurance from the state minimum to full coverage with a $500 deductible costs, on average, $1,010 more, or $505 a month.

  • State minimum average annual cost: $761
  • 50/100/50 liability only: $868
  • 100/300/100, with comprehensive and collision and $500 deductible: $1,771

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Hartford?

Geico has the cheapest auto insurance rates, on average, for Hartford, based on a CarInsurance.com analysis of ZIP codes in the city for three coverage levels, assuming a driver profile of male, age 40, with good credit driving 2016 Honda Accord. Rates below are for a year of coverage.

CompanyState minimum
State Farm$839
State Farm$1,033
State Farm$1,973

How much does insurance go up after a speeding ticket in Hartford?

CarInsurance.com’s rate analysis shows that drivers in Hartford can expect to pay, on average, up to about $434 more a year for car insurance after minor violations such as speeding. More serious infractions, such as racing or reckless driving can hike rates as much as $1,928, a DUI by $1,245. Minor traffic violations typically stay on your record for about three years, and you can expect to see the rate increase upon your policy renewal date.

ViolationAverage rateRate after violationDollar increasePercentage increase
Operating a vehicle in a race (highway racing)$2,527$4,455$1,92876%
Reckless driving$2,527$4,455$1,92876%
DUI/DWI first offense$2,527$3,772$1,24549%
2 speeding tickets 11 mph or over$2,527$3,487$96038%
Speeding 30+ over limit$2,527$3,372$84633%
Careless driving$2,527$2,970$44318%
Failure to yield$2,527$2,970$44318%
Following too closely$2,527$2,970$44318%
Improper turn$2,527$2,970$44318%
Improper/illegal pass$2,527$2,970$44318%
Speeding ticket 1-5 MPH over limit$2,527$2,961$43417%
Speeding ticket 6-10 MPH over limit$2,527$2,961$43417%
Speeding ticket 11-15 MPH over limit$2,527$2,961$43417%
Speeding ticket 16-29 MPH over limit$2,527$2,961$43417%
Lapse of coverage for 60 days$2,527$2,876$35014%
Driving without a license or permit$2,527$2,841$31412%
Driving without insurance$2,527$2,841$31412%
Failure to stop$2,527$2,823$29712%
Lapse of coverage for 7 days$2,527$2,761$2349%
Lapse of coverage for 15 days$2,527$2,761$2349%
Lapse of coverage for 30 days$2,527$2,761$2349%
Seatbelt infraction$2,527$2,694$1687%

*Methodology: CarInsurance.com commissioned Quadrant Information Services in 2019 to field rates from up to six major insurers for 10 ZIP codes in the city for the following driver profile: male, age 40, good credit, clean driver record, driving 2017 Honda accord. We compared the clean record driver rate to the rate for various tickets and accident claims to get the average percentage and dollar increase, for the coverage level of 100/300/50; with comprehensive and collision and $500 deductible. These are estimates; your actual rate will depend on your personal rating factors.

How much will an accident raise my insurance in Hartford?

When you file a claim for an accident that's your fault, typically your car insurance rates will increase. The table below shows how much for drivers in Hartford can expect to pay for common car insurance claims.

ClaimAverage rateRate after claimDollar increasePercentage increase
2 At-fault property damage accident over $2k$2,527$5,186$2,659105%
Hit and run - injury$2,527$4,455$1,92876%
Hit and run property damage$2,527$4,455$1,92876%
At-fault bodily injury accident$2,527$3,546$1,01940%
1 At-fault property damage accident over $2K$2,527$3,313$78631%
1 At-fault property damage accident under $2K$2,527$3,039$51220%
1 comprehensive claim for over $2k$2,527$2,590$643%
1 comprehensive claim for under $2k$2,527$2,590$643%

Adding a teen driver to your insurance

Teen drivers are inexperienced, and are involved in more accidents than older drivers, so they cost more to insure. In Hartford, adding a 16-year-old daughter to your policy will hike your rates by $3,039 annually, or 120 percent. It's more for boys. Insuring your 16-year-old son will increase your yearly rate by $4,075, or 161 percent, according to CarInsurance.com rate data. If you're insuring a teen driver of any age, you can get expert tips, more rate data by age and details from our "Parents guide to insuring a teen driver."

Bad credit nearly doubles car insurance rates

Having a low credit score and poor credit history significantly increases how much you pay for car insurance, unless you live in Hawaii, California or Massachusetts where the practice is banned. Connecticut ranks fourty fourth among the worst states for drivers with bad credit. Hartford drivers with bad credit can expect rates to go up by $1,464, or 58 percent, on average, yearly. Even with bad credit, you can still save money on car insurance, as some insurance companies will increase rates higher than others for those with less than perfect credit. That's why it's always prudent to compare car insurance quotes at least once a year.

SR-22 insurance

If you're convicted of a serious offense, such as DUI or reckless driving, you may be required to have your insurance company file an SR-22 form on your behalf. An SR-22 is a car insurance company’s guarantee to the state that you are carrying the legally mandated coverage. If you are required to have an SR-22 filed, your car insurance rates will increase. CarInsurance.com data show that for drivers in Hartford, your rate will go up by an average of $1,472, or 58 percent.