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What states have free windshield replacement?


Question: What states have free windshield replacement?

Answer: Only Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina waive the car insurance deductible for windshield repair or replacement and thus are referred to as having free windshield replacement or as zero deductible states.

This isn’t totally free windshield replacement, though, since you do have to pay to carry comprehensive insurance coverage as part of a personal auto insurance policy written in one of these states in order to make a claim for your windshield.

State laws differ on what glass claims come without a deductible. Florida only waives the deductible for windshields, but Kentucky and South Carolina cover all glass replacement without a deductible.

Previously, Massachusetts also made our list of zero deductible states, but no longer does.

Massachusetts insurers only used to offer a zero deductible for glass coverage under comprehensive coverage; however, in 2008, Massachusetts began to allow car insurance companies to set their own rates and offer different coverages.   

Now many of the car insurance companies in Massachusetts include a glass deductible as part of their comprehensive coverage offerings as a way to offer lower rates.

Whether you are in a zero deductible state or live elsewhere, if your windshield has been cracked or broken, contact your car insurance company to make a claim through the comprehensive portion of your policy.  

Even if you do not live in a state with free windshield replacement, you can always ask your insurance carrier if they can waive the deductible for your windshield claim. Some insurance companies will waive the deductible for windshield repairs when their underwriting guidelines (that vary greatly by company) allow them to do so.

If you would prefer not to pay a deductible when making a claim for your windshield (but don’t live in a zero deductible state), then when doing your car insurance comparison shopping, look around for companies that offer a $0 deductible for glass coverage. This option may cost you more, but if you live in an area where having your windshield damaged is likely, it could save you money in the long run.

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6 Responses to "What states have free windshield replacement?"
  1. mueller

    If we don't have full coverage in ky, will they pay to replace your broken windshild?

    1. Randy Gaskins May 11, 2017 at 4:39 AM

      True answer on Kentucky windshield replacement if just liability insured. Thanks!

        Reply »  
  2. agrss

    The information on this site is just incredible. it keeps me coming back time and time again.

  3. Lisa

    I should add, New York is only a zero deductible if you have comprehensive coverage.

  4. Lisa

    I believe New York doesn't have a deductible for windshields either.

  5. Anonymous

    I went to many other sites and yours was the only one that was straight to the point. Thank you so much. I also just got off the phone and someone told me it would be 244.95 to replace my glass and I live in SC

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