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You may. It depends upon your insurance company's guidelines, and the state laws of both the state you are a resident of, and the state where you are attending school whether you will need to change your car insurance policy.

If you will to be attending college out-of-state you should notify your car insurance company now to find out where you stand.

Some automobile insurance companies will allow you to keep your current policy in place while you go to college, others will not. This can be based on the distance your school is from your home state, the different insurance requirements in each state, or simply because your car will be garaged and driven out of state for an extending period of time. Check out our guide on car insurance for college students to find out what to do in your situation.

Your agent will be able to inform you if your current car insurance policy will fulfill your insurance needs while you go to school or if you will need to change over your policy to one written in the state your school is located in.

If your current car insurance company doesn't want to continue your coverage, and so you plan to get a policy in the state where you are attending college, then check with your home state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to make sure they will accept out-of-state car insurance.

Some states like New York and Arizona do not accept out-of-state car insurance policies while a vehicle is registered in their state. If you live in a state with this type of law, you may need to register your car in the state where you are attending school.

Even if your insurance company will continue your current policy while you are out-of-state at school, it is also wise to check with the DMV of the state in which you are going to school. Make sure their state laws do not require you to change over your registration and/or car insurance while attending school there.

If you do need to change over your policy, and have coverage with a nationwide carrier that is authorized in both states to issue car insurance policies, it should be a simple process. If not, start shopping for the best car insurance for your situation.