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Does your spouse have to be on your auto insurance policy?


Almost always yes. State laws differ, but even if your state insurance laws don't require your spouse to be listed on your car insurance policy, your insurer may require it. Most insurance companies require policyholders to list all licensed household members on their policy since these people will normally have access to your vehicles and will probably drive the cars on the policy on a frequent basis.

How marriage affects car insurance rates

In many cases, marriage lowers your insurance rates, so you should think twice before insisting on separate policies. If both partners have clean records, the savings can be significant. CarInsurance.com ran quotes for a couple in Oklahoma City for minimum liability insurance, and saw that adding each other on their policies cut 30 percent off their combined rates.

If you don't want to exclude your spouse, then he or she will need to be on the policy normally. If your spouse has a car and it is on a different policy, then putting both your vehicles on the same auto insurance policy could save you money with a multi-car policy.

When one partner has a bad driving record, however, the total price of car insurance for the couple increased. So you may have good reason to exclude your spouse from your policy, assuming you're okay with each partner driving his/her own car. Keep in mind though if you exclude your spouse and he or she does drive your car and gets into an accident, your policy's coverage will not be extended to him or her in any way.

Excluding your spouse from your policy

If you don't want your spouse on your policy, you may be able to have him or her excluded from the policy, if state laws and your insurance company's guidelines allow. If you do exclude your spouse, none of the coverages under your car insurance would extend to him or her. So even in an emergency situation, he/she should not drive your car if you exclude your spouse from your policy.

In some states, if you don't tell your insurance company about all of the drivers in your household, it can be deemed misrepresentation, a form of fraud. The state laws extend liability to household members, so insurance companies have to ask and extend coverage to them too.

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9 Responses to "Does your spouse have to be on your auto insurance policy?"
  1. Eleanor M Forbes

    I am not yet married or living with my fiance but my car insurance company is already asking for his driver's license. I do not want to have him on my insurance at this point in time. We live in Texas, can I refuse?

  2. Melinda Sabedra

    I have been separated for a year and I need to know if my ex still has me down for a policyholder on the car insurance.

  3. Deanna

    My husband did not take his ex-wife off one of the car titles. Can this affect us?

  4. David

    I have a company car that my daughter isn't permitted to drive. My wife has a car that I never drive. In Ohio is there a way to exclude me from her car as a driver since I have a vehicle that I drive exclusively?

    1. Mary December 28, 2016 at 1:23 PM

      How are auto insurance rates affected when one spouse has a perfect driving record and the other has a history of repetitive minor incidents?

        Reply »  
  5. Debra Fahey

    I'm in Mass. My insurance policy is up for renewal. My husband has left and I no longer want to pay his car insurance. His car is in his name. Can I exclude him from a new policy I am thinking of getting?

  6. Chris

    Currently my auto insurance policy was cancelled by my insurance company because my wife was falsely accused of a DUI by the local police department two years ago. Not by alcohol, but by prescription medications which she has been taking for years and did not affect her driving. She got in one accident, and it was accused of driving under the influence of her prescriptions, leading into a DUI. She got her drivers license revoked two Years ago and has never driven a vehicle since. My insurance agent said that by Oregon State Law spouse's still have to be on the auto insurance policy, even though she is disabled and is no longer driving. Another words, I am not allowed to open a new policy just in my name, being as I have a clean driver's record. Since my wife is now disabled, and has not been driving for at least two years now, by law she still has to be added to my insurance policy because we are married. Where is the justice in this matter? My wife is falsely accused and I can't get an insurance policy at a decent rate anymore.

    1. Waneta January 19, 2016 at 6:45 PM

      My car insurance has more than tripled since my husband was in an accident and we were sued. Then he got a speeding ticket. I was told that to leave him off from my insurance, but the premium would only go down around $40.

        Reply »  
      1. melissa December 15, 2016 at 11:55 AM

        I have the same issue as Chris. The insurers make you put your spouse on your policy but then if they are disabled and don't drive (they don't have a license) then you get cancelled.So its a double edge sword and you get screwed any which way you are lookingits bull and i even sent proof that he cant drive per his disability paperwork and that is still not good enough

          Reply »  
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