When a child obtains a learner’s permit to start driving, you should inform your car insurance provider of their licensing status.

Many insurance companies don’t require that parents add a 15-year-old to the car insurance policy. That means you won’t have to pay a higher premium for listing your teen on your coverage yet. However, once they start to drive on their own, you’ll need to add them to the policy. 

A driver with a learner’s permit should be supervised at all times when driving, so the insurer doesn’t usually doesn’t require them to get added to insurance. 

However, remember that some companies will want to add a driver who has a learner’s permit driver to the policy, so check with your insurer about their requirements.

Once the teen advances to the next step of a state’s graduated driver’s licensing (GDL) program and starts driving on her own, you will have to add her to your policy. At that time, your premium will likely increase. 

Since insurance premiums will increase when you put your teenager on your auto policy, you will want to seek ways to save money. Shopping around for the best auto insurance rates is important, but you can also look for discounts.

Adults can receive discounts for being married, maintaining good driving records, owning multiple cars and carrying homeowners insurance with the same company. For your child, your rates can be discounted if your teen gets good grades or establishes a good driving record — but that takes time. Most companies offer discounts to students with good grades, generally a B average or higher.

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Does a 15-year-old with a permit need insurance?

You usually don’t need to add your 15-year-old to your car insurance. As we mentioned, most insurers don’t require that. 

A 15-year-old with a permit can only drive with a licensed driver who’s 21 or older. However, some companies want to know about a learner’s permit driver operating a vehicle, so check with your insurance company. 

How much is car insurance for a 15-year-old? 

If you must add your teen to your car insurance, you can expect a hefty premium increase. 

You can expect to pay at least $1,000 more annually for having a teen on your policy. When adding a teen, make sure to shop around for car insurance. You may find a company that offers better rates for teen drivers. 

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