A restored title is the same as a rebuilt title. Different states have different names for branded vehicles instead of clean titles. There is the salvage title, which is not allowed on the roadway, and then what some call a rebuilt title, reconstructed title or restored title.

Can I get full coverage on a restored title vehicle?

Yes, it is possible to get full coverage, but only with some car insurance companies.

A rebuilt/restored title typically means that the vehicle was found to be salvaged, say after a motor vehicle accident where the car insurance company totaled it out but the car was repaired or restored to working condition. In most states, the vehicle must pass a mandatory state inspection to get a restored title back on the road.

Arizona is one state that uses the term “restored title.” They define a restored salvage vehicle as one previously issued a certificate of title branded as salvage title but has now been repaired/restored, then inspected for roadworthiness and issued a title branded as restored salvage.

In Arizona, to change over a salvage title for a restored title, you must pass a Level III inspection, the state’s highest level inspection. For restored salvage vehicles, this inspection is conducted by specially certified Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) agents, costing $50. If the car passes and the owner has the proper registration and title documents, they can pay fees and get the car back on the road with a restored salvage title.

In other states, the car owner must undergo a similar process when one wants a restored or rebuilt title. Once the vehicle is allowed to be back on the road, it will need at least the state’s minimum liability coverage, but if the car has enough value and you want it, then you can seek full coverage insurance.

Compare car insurance companies to find a company that will insure a vehicle with a rebuilt/restored title.