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What is a salvage title?

We recommend you stay far away from cars with rebuilt titles.

Their safety is a question mark, and so is their value. No reputable car dealer will take a rebuilt-title car in trade. If you try to sell your rebuilt-title car yourself, you must disclose that information to potential buyers. You cannot legally remove a “rebuilt” brand from your car’s title.

If you are considering buying a vehicle with a rebuilt or salvage title, learn how to insure a salvage title car first. Not all types of car insurance are always available. Financing a rebuilt-title car is already difficult, but any bank that does loan you money for a rebuilt-title car will require full-coverage insurance. Making a proper car insurance comparison will be difficult, because few are willing to write comprehensive and collision insurance on a car whose value is hard to pin down.

You should be able to find liability insurance more easily.

Here are the most common questions we see about car insurance for rebuilt-title vehicles. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, search to see if we have already answered your car insurance question. If not, you can ask your own question.

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