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What is the penalty for no insurance ticket for Alabama?


In Alabama, driving without the mandatory liability insurance needed for a vehicle is termed a MLI violation. When you are given a citation in AL for a MLI violation and the conviction is final, the court will notify the department of revenue. This state agency will then suspend your license plate registration.

For a first time license plate registration suspension in Alabama you can immediately get it reinstated if you pay a reinstatement fee of $100 and show current proof of insurance. If it is your second or subsequent time with a registration suspension there will be a 4 month suspension in addition to a $200 reinstatement fee, plus the need for proof of insurance.

Beyond the registration suspension, any owner or operator of a vehicle convicted of a MIL violation may be fined up to $500 for the first offense. If convicted a second or subsequent time the fine may be up to $1,000 or a 6 month driver's license suspension or both.

If you have received a citation for driving without insurance in Alabama, you can shop now for the required automobile insurance.


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3 Responses to "What is the penalty for no insurance ticket for Alabama?"
  1. BG

    You will be taken to jail on the spot with a $500 bail for driving without insurance in Alabama.

  2. Anonymous

    Why do we have to pay uninsured motorist when we pay our insurance, when it is mandatory for all drivers to carry auto insurance in Alabama?

  3. Anonymous

    I feel that this is an unesassary, time consuming process that fines people who usually have insurance, but are unable to find the time to complete this survey that keeps coming in the mail.