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What are the penalties for driving without insurance in the state of Pennsylvania?


Pennsylvania laws under the PA vehicle code, chapter 17, state that every motor vehicle that is required to be registered should be covered by financial responsibility. Most operators of motor vehicle choose to obey this law by obtaining car insurance.

If a person is found without insurance the penalties can include the suspension of the vehicle's registration and operator's driving privileges. The PA Department of Transportation will suspend the registration of the vehicle for a 3 month period and shall suspend the operating privilege of the owner or registrant for a period of 3 months if it is determined the car was driven without the required financial responsibility.

To serve these suspensions the vehicle's registration plate, card, sticker and driver's license must be surrendered to the PA DOT. Once the penalties have been served a restoration fee of $50 and proof of valid insurance must be shown so that the license and registration can be returned to the vehicle's owner.

If you have been cited in Pennsylvania for driving without insurance contact the entity on your ticket and/or PennDOT to find out about the suspensions and if there will be additional penalties such as fines or the impoundment of the vehicle.


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2 Responses to "What are the penalties for driving without insurance in the state of Pennsylvania?"
  1. Anonymous

    thats crap...insurance giants are thives and you must be a bad driver

  2. Anonymous

    I am so fed up that a lot of people like ourselves have to pay so much money for car insurance on our vehicles, but so many other people get away without paying any car insurance, they get their cars inspected and then drop their insurances, or they find someone to inspect their car without having any insurance. This is so wrong and not FAIR!!!