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How much is a no seat belt violation in the state of Mississippi?

In 2006 Mississippi put into law that the seat belt offense was now a primary offense instead of a secondary offense. As a primary offense this means that law enforcement can pull you over for this violation of law instead of a secondary offense when they must make a traffic stop for a primary traffic offense, such as speeding, to ticket you for a seat belt offense.

In Mississippi, the state seat belt law requires the use of a seat belt by drivers and passengers during the operation of a motor vehicle. Children ages four (4) and younger must be in a child restraint device and children ages four (4) to seven (7) must be in a booster seat.

The fine amount for failing to wear a seat belt as MS law requires while driving is $25 and the fine for not having a child in the proper restraint device is higher at $165 since you are putting a child at risk.

These are just the basic fine amounts and there may be court costs, local fees, etc on top of the fine amount to make what you pay out to the court substantially higher. If you were cited for a seat belt violation in Mississippi you should contact the court listed on the ticket to find out how much the fine amount will be if the ticket itself does not list the cost.

Generally, a seat belt ticket or violation will not cause your insurance premiums to rise. However, there are situations when it might raise your rates such as if you have a high frequency of being cited for this offense or if you were cited for a seat belt violation along with other moving violations such as speeding. Also some insurance providers may remove a safe driver discount, which is not technically raising your insurance rates, but the bottom line is that your rates will be higher.

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