For drivers, car insurance rates start to increase around age 65, according to 2022 data. That’s not surprising. Older drivers have higher crash deaths than drivers between the ages of 35 and 54, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC data also shows that 20 older adults are killed every day in car crashes.

But that doesn’t mean seniors can’t find good deals on car insurance. Our guide will help you find the cheapest rates for seniors in Alaska and learn other ways to save on auto insurance premiums.

Key Highlights
  • The average car insurance cost for a 60-year-old driver in Alaska is $1,190 per year for a full coverage policy.
  • A 70-year-old driver in Alaska pays 15% more than a 60-year-old driver, based on research.
  • In Alaska, a 75-year-old driver pays for a full coverage policy 28% more than a 60-year-old driver.
  • Shopping around for car insurance in Alaska – every six months or annually around renewal time can help you get the best rate.

Cheapest car insurance companies for seniors in Alaska

Below are the cheapest, full-coverage car insurance rates in Alaska for drivers at various ages:

  • Cheapest for seniors, overall: Geico, $82 per month.
  • Cheapest for seniors at age 60: Geico, $78 per month.
  • Cheapest for seniors at age 65: Geico, $77 per month.
  • Cheapest for seniors at age 70: Geico, $82 per month.
  • Cheapest for seniors at age 75: Geico, $91 per month.

Compare cheap car insurance quotes for senior drivers in Alaska

Below are the cheapest Alaska rates being offered by the major car insurance companies for three different coverage levels: The state minimum, liability-only coverage with limits of 50/100/50 and full coverage car insurance with liability limits of 100/300/100.

Rates by companies for seniors in Alaska

Select your age and type of coverage below to see the average annual and monthly rates.

Results for age 60 and the following coverage level: full coverage
Company NameAvg. Annual PremiumAvg. Monthly Premium
Coverage Types:
  • Full Coverage: 100/300/100 liability with $500 comprehensive/collision deductible
  • Liability Only: 50/100/50 liability only
  • State Minimum: State minimum coverage

Why do car insurance rates increase for senior drivers in Alaska?

Car insurance tends to become more expensive for older drivers due to a number of factors. Statistics show that seniors on average tend to be involved in more accidents than younger drivers (excluding teens).

While older drivers usually have decades of experience under their belt, they often suffer from age-related hearing or vision loss, slower reflexes, side effects from medicines and other health issues that can make driving more difficult.

The CDC found that drivers older than 70 have higher crash death rates per 1,000 crashes than drivers aged 35-54 and NHTSA statistics show that senior drivers 65 and older were involved in 13% of fatal accidents in 2020, which is up 26% from 2011.

In addition, seniors are more likely to require medical care, even after a less serious accident, and expensive hospital bills will push up the cost of insurance.

“Unfortunately, as we move past middle age, the odds of being more severely injured or dying in a car crash increase significantly”, says Carole Walker, executive director at Rocky Mountain Insurance Association.

“Statistically, older drivers have a higher risk of causing a crash, but an even bigger factor adding to higher car insurance bills are common health problems that them make them more prone to being hurt and incurring medical bills—even in low speed or less serious crashes,” she says.

All of this leads to higher car insurance rates. Car insurance premiums go up for most senior drivers in their mid-60s, according to 2022 data analysis, and then continue to climb. The average car insurance cost for a 60-year-old driver in Alaska is $1,190 for a full coverage policy. Drivers age 70 pay $1,370 for the same coverage. found that 70-year-old drivers pay 15% more than 60-year-old drivers in Alaska, and 75-year-old drivers pay 28% more for a full coverage policy.

The table below shows the annual average rate increase for senior drivers by age in Alaska for different coverage levels:

AgeState MinimumLiability OnlyFull Coverage

Coverage Types:

  • Full Coverage: 100/300/100 Liability with $500 Comp/Coll Deductible
  • Liability Only: 50/100/50 Liability Only
  • State Minimum: State minimum coverage only

Cheapest car insurance for seniors with tickets in Alaska

A speeding ticket or other moving violation will raise your insurance rates regardless of your age. Insurers love statistics, and data show that a driver with a ticket on their record is more likely to get in an accident that may result in a claim.

While the increase will vary by insurance company, according to, Alaska drivers can expect their rates to go up 35% after a speeding ticket that is 1-29 mph over the limit.

If you are a senior with a speeding ticket or other minor moving violation on your record expect to pay more for coverage. When we ran the numbers, these were the best insurance companies for seniors with a ticket on their record.

Company NameAnnual Rates with One Speeding TicketMonthly Rates with One Speeding Ticket
State Farm$1,339$112

Cheapest car insurance for seniors with DUIs in Alaska

A DUI is a serious driving violation, and your insurance rates will soar once it hits your driving record. In most cases, your insurance premium will double if you have a DUI. According to in some states, the increase can be as much as 54% after your first DUI. If you manage to rack up a second DUI, the increase could be as much as 95%.

Finding affordable coverage (or any coverage at all) will become more difficult after a DUI, but according to our data, these are the best insurers for seniors with a DUI in Alaska:

Company NameAnnual Rates with DUI First OffenseMonthly Rates with DUI First Offense
State Farm$1,339$112

Cheapest car insurance rates by state for senior drivers

Cheapest car insurance for seniors after an accident in Alaska

Just like a ticket or DUI, having an accident on your driving record will push up your insurance rates. The increase will vary by insurance company but according to our data, drivers should expect their premium to jump 57% with one at-fault accident with property damage over $2,000.

The increase will typically stay in place for three to five years, so finding the most affordable insurance company is important. Our data shows that the following insurers are the cheapest car insurance for seniors after an accident in Alaska.

Company NameAnnual Rates with One At-fault AccidentMonthly Rates with One At-fault Accident
State Farm$1,447$121

How can seniors save on car insurance in Alaska?

Auto insurance for seniors can be expensive, but there are ways to save. The following are easy ways to reduce your premiums:

  • Shop around: Shopping regularly for car insurance – every six months or yearly around renewal time – can help ensures you have the best price.
  • Raise your deductible: Increasing your deductible from $500 to $1,000 can save you a bit of money every month – but make sure you have the necessary funds to cover the higher deductible.
  • Ask about discounts: Discounts – bundling with homeowners insurance, loyalty discounts and discounts for years of being licensed — are a great way to save on your car insurance. More on discounts below.
Tip iconEditor’s Tip:

Take a senior driving course: With an approved defensive driving course, senior drivers can save up to 4% on their car insurance in Alaska. The American Automobile Association(AAA) and AARP offer defensive driving courses for senior drivers in Alaska.

Car insurance discounts for senior drivers in Alaska

Here are some car insurance discounts that can help seniors lower their insurance costs.

Discount TypePotential Annual Savings
Anti-Theft Device2%
Daily Commute6%
Days Advanced Purchase7%
Defensive Driver4%
Electronic Funds Transfer5%
Electronic Signature8%
Lower Annual Mileage8%
Loyalty – Years Renewal With Company12%
Marital Status14%
Multi Policy8%
Payment Type13%
Primary Use13%
Safety Devices4%

Choosing the cheapest and best car insurance for seniors in Alaska

Senior drivers shell out higher premiums than younger adult drivers, with the exception of teen drivers. If you are looking for an affordable policy, carefully evaluate your needs and decide the amount of coverage to purchase. While shopping for insurance, consider the price, customer service and the discounts they offer.

Find the best auto insurance companies online to see which carrier provides affordable rates and easy-to-use websites or apps.

FAQ: Cheap car insurance for seniors in Alaska

Who has the cheapest state minimum auto insurance for seniors in Alaska?

According to our data, USAA offers the cheapest state minimum auto insurance for seniors in Alaska at about $247 a year, on average . Geico and State Farm also scored high when it comes to cheap state minimum insurance coverage for seniors in Alaska.

Which companies offer the cheapest liability car insurance for seniors in Alaska?

Geico has the cheapest liability car insurance coverage for senior drivers in Alaska at an average annual premium of $319. USAA and State Farm also offer cheap liability insurance rates to seniors in Alaska, based on data analysis.

Does State Farm offer a senior discount in Alaska?

State Farm does not currently offer a senior discount in Alaska, but it does offer quite a few discounts that seniors can use to lower their premiums. This includes discounts for taking a defensive driving course, a safe driving discount, long-term customer, bundling and discounts for advanced safety features on your vehicle.

Bottom line

Geico offers the cheapest car insurance quotes for senior drivers in Alaska for a full coverage policy, based on a 2022 analysis.

By shopping around and comparing rates online from different insurers, seniors can find the best deal on their car insurance. Additionally, senior drivers could qualify for discounts by taking defensive driving courses or bundling their car insurance with other types of insurance.

Resources & Methodology

Additional Resources

There are a number of resources available for older drivers who want to stay safe behind the wheel and save on their insurance premiums:

  1. American Automobile Association: AAA helps senior drivers to continue driving for as long and safely as possible.
  2. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons): AARP’s smart driver program helps senior drivers to learn proven driving techniques and save money on car insurance.
  3. National Institute on Aging: The NIA provides tips to senior drivers related to health and driving and offers free publications to aging seniors answering health-related queries.
  4. Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure Online: This web-based tool helps family members identify at-risk drivers.
  5. Eldercare Locator: Helps senior drivers maintain their independence, and provides information about highway safety for aging drivers and services.


  1. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. “Older Adult Drivers.” Accessed October 2023.
  2. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “Fatality Facts 2021 Older People.” Accessed October 2023.
  3. National Safety Council. “Motor Vehicle: Age Group Comparisons.” Accessed October 2023.
  4. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).” Accessed October 2023.

Methodology: gathered car insurance rates for senior drivers from Quadrant Information Services. The rates are for a full coverage policy with limits 100/300/100 and a $500 comprehensive and collision deductible based on sample profiles of 60, 65, 70 and 75-year-olds with clean driving records. We have compared 50,00,736 car insurance quotes across 1,467 ZIP codes from 27 company groups nationwide.

To determine car insurance rates for senior drivers with a history of traffic violations, used a sample profile of a 70-year-old driver who owns a Honda Accord LX.

Car insurance rates are calculated by evaluating the sample profile of a 70-year-old male driver with the following incidents applied

  • One at-fault property damage accident over $2K
  • One at-fault property damage accident under $2K
  • At-fault bodily injury accidents
  • DUI/DWI first offense.
  • Speeding ticket (1-10 MPH over the limit and 11-29 MPH over the limit)

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparison purposes.

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