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How do I go about getting a DL123 in North Carolina to obtain a driver's license when I do not own a car?


CarInsurance.com's Online Insurance Marketplace offers a DL-123 through our online network. Starting December 27,2007 we will offer them through our Internet Agency. At that time, you can purchase a policy with Progressive Drive. After the policy is completed you can call in and have the DL-123 endorsed onto the policy by phone.

Currently, we do not offer it through our Internet insurance agency or call center. In order to get a DL123 in North Carolina, go here for a quote on auto insurance. After you enter your zip code and rating information you will see our list of carriers. Below the list select NetQuote and give them your information. An agent will contact you to provide a DL123 form. If you are asked about the vehicle in the process, you may call to request a non-owners policy with the DL123.

The DL123 form demonstrates that you are the owner of a "liability" insurance policy. Liability insurance is the minimum amount of auto insurance you must have in order to drive in the state of North Carolina.

The agent will fill out the actual 'form' so you will have it for the department of transportation or any other authority.


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4 Responses to "How do I go about getting a DL123 in North Carolina to obtain a driver's license when I do not own a car?"
  1. Anonymous

    When you call for the price of a DL123 - they do not offer it.

  2. Anonymous

    Why person is required to have a liability insurance for getting a driver license even if she/he doesn't have a car or owns a car... just to have a drivers license and prepare for travel for family members or whatever reasons.

  3. Anonymous

    Just what I needed to know. Thank you!

  4. Anonymous

    Does not answer the question regarding the actual form DL123.