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If I get a ticket for expired registration in the state of Texas, will it go against my insurance?


While driving with expired registration is normally considered a very minor type of citation it may still affect your rates depending upon the rating system of your Texas auto insurer.

Texas law requires insurance rates to be reasonable, adequate, not excessive to the risks for which they apply, and not discriminatory. Auto insurance companies in Texas set their own rates and file them with Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) for review. Companies do not have to receive prior approval before using their rates, but if TDI determines that a company's filed rates are excessive, it can order the company to make refunds.

A good driving record can save you money. If you have accidents or tickets on your driving record, such as yours for expired registration, you may have to pay more for insurance. Companies may add surcharges to your premium for major convictions, some driving violations, and accidents that result in property damage. Some surcharges are mandatory and will apply to your premium for three years.

If your insurance rates will increase due to this ticket will depend upon your insurance company's rating system. To find out about their rating system you can ask your insurance agent for details about it or contact the insurance regulatory body, TX Department of Insurance, with whom their rates must be filed with.

You may be aware, if you were ticketed for driving with expired registration, that this is a non-compliance ticket and you can normally get dismissed if you get your registration renewed within 20 days of receiving the citation. The fines for the offense appear to usually run between $120 and $180 depending in which jurisdiction you received the ticket.

The Texas Department of Transportation and the TX Department of Public Safety both note that there is a 20% penalty you will be charged when renewing your expired registration. It is required by law (TX Transpiration Code 502.176) if a vehicle is driven on public highways with expired registration, after the five-day grace period, and you were issued a ticket by law enforcement that this penalty is issued to you by the tax collector/assessor.

The rules for dismissing the ticket can vary depending where in Texas you received your ticket. For example the Town of Westlake, TX notes that if you have received a violation for Expired Vehicle Registration (TC 502.407) the citation can be dismissed only under these conditions:

  1. You must renew the registration within 20 business days from the date of the violation.
  2. You MUST pay the penalty fee to the State when you are registering your vehicle. (TC 502.407 and TRC 502.176)
  3. Pay the administrative fee of $20 to the Court with a copy of the registration renewal form.

This town's court also notes that under no circumstances will any court personnel come out to your vehicle and view the registration sticker for proof of renewal; you will need actual paperwork from the tax office. Also a picture of your sticker in the window of the car is not sufficient to obtain a dismissal of this type of violation.

In Plano, Texas their courts state that with an expired registration citation you must appear at the Municipal Court on or before the 15th calendar day after the date of offense. You may present proof of correction of the defect, pay a Dismissal Fee of $20.00 and the citation will be dismissed.

In Plano the Expired Registration proof of renewal must include a 20% penalty paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles when the registration was renewed. If the penalty is not paid, the Court cannot dismiss the citation.

In Arlington upon request for dismissal of your citation, you must pay a $20 dismissal fee and submit proof that the offense for which you have been charged has been corrected.

If you have been charged with expired inspection or registration, the defect must have been remedied within 20 working days and not have been expired for more than 60 days. This court specifically notes that in requesting the dismissal option for expired registration you must enter a Plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere.

If your premiums are raised due to this ticket, even if you get it dismissed, start shopping for a new Texas car insurance provider here with us.


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