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Complaint tickets in Connecticut - How aren't they techinically "speeding tickets"?


I received a "complaint" ticket on the Merritt Parkway (RT 15) in CT which is a two-lane (in each direction) divided highway with a posted speed limit of 55. I was cited for driving at 71 mph. Infraction code 14-298. The officer stated that, taking into account my (previous to this) clean driving record, she had reduced the fine to $92. Also she stated that this is NOT a "speeding" ticket, that there would be no points against my license and also that my insurance rates should not be affected. I'm confused, how is it not a speeding ticket if there is a fine involved? Should I go to court to fight it or just pay the fine? If I do go to court, will I get points if a ruling goes against me? Thanks in advance for the help.


What we have found on the subject of the 14-298 complaint ticket in Connecticut shows that the officer was correct in some regards but not all.

Connecticut Code Section 14-298 is titled State Traffic Commission and is sometimes referred to as 14-298 STC. This law is basically what allows cities to post and use traffic control devices (TDCs). The speed limit sign is considered a traffic control device and thus law enforcement in Connecticut is able to write a ticket under this portion of the law that is not technically a speeding ticket.

There is a fine associated with being cited for this portion of Connecticut law which is the $92 you mentioned. It seems that the 14-298 is sort of a catch-all violation that law enforcement can site you for instead of speeding, going through a stop sign or other offense where you are disregarding a traffic control device (traffic sign) so that your fine is lower and license is not affected as much.

We checked with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles to see how the violation is placed on your driving record, if there are points associated and find out if the officer was correct in saying that it will not affect your insurance.

The Connecticut DMV told us that a conviction under 14-298 is not considered a speeding ticket but could result in two points assessed against your license, unless the citation is resolved with the Centralized Infractions Bureau (CIB) within guidelines. Once the ticket is paid to the CIB, the violation is posted to the driving history, along with the citation date and docket number. As indicated, no points are assessed when the ticket is paid to the CIB within guidelines. If, however, you don't pay the ticket to CIB as directed, the case will at some point be transferred to the Superior Court and points will be assessed.

They went on to say that concerning any impact this will have on your car insurance rates, neither the DMV nor law enforcement can ensure how this or any other violation may impact your insurance rates - any insurance rate impact in such cases is a determination made by your insurance carrier. So while the officer may have found from prior information she had that some motorist's insurance providers do not rate on this traffic offense it is not Connecticut law that your insurance company cannot do so.

From this information about the type of offense you have been cited with and the possibility to keep points off your CT driving record if you take care of the ticket through the CIB you should be able to decide if you want to go to court. You can contact the court listed on your ticket to find out if you fight it if you could end up with a speeding violation with points instead or not if you lose.

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  1. Lou Agli

    I recently received the same ticket, for the same reasons. This answer was very helpful to me. Thank you.