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Kentucky Car Insurance


Drivers in eastern Kentucky coal country pay breathtaking amounts for car insurance, nearly twice the rates that motorists in the Bluegrass Region and along the Ohio River do. Drivers in parts of Essie pay among the highest average rates in the country. But even in an expensive location for insurance, you can still save a lot of money by comparing rates. For example, the highest rate ($4,353) for Essie ZIP 40827 is more than three times as much as the lowest ($1,082) for the same policy. 

Car insurance rates for every city and town in the Kentucky are mapped out below. Almost always, there is hundreds of dollars' difference between insurance carriers no matter where you live. By entering your ZIP code, age group and coverage level, you can see how much you can save by comparing rates.

Kentucky Car Insurance Requirements
Average Car Insurance Rates in Kentucky
Car Insurance Companies in Kentucky

Kentucky car insurance requirements

Kentucky state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability$25,000/$50,000
Minimum property damage liability$25,000
Personal injury protection$10,000

Kentucky Car Insurance Laws

Penny Gusner
Consumer Analyst

Kentucky is referred to as a choice no-fault state. You will be offered personal injury protection (PIP) of at least $10,000 a part of your car insurance policy, but you have the option to decline the coverage.

When drivers accept PIP as part of an auto insurance policy, they are guaranteeing that they receive medical treatment after a car accident, no matter who was at fault. There also are some limits. They cannot make injury claims or sue at-fault drivers unless a monetary threshold for medical expenses is exceeded (it's currently $1,000) or the accident resulted in serious or permanent injuries or death.

When you reject PIP, you preserve the right to sue for damages with no restrictions. If you and all other drivers on your policy reject PIP coverage, the state requires that you purchase Guest PIP coverage so that basic PIP benefits will be provided to your passengers and pedestrians.

A third option is to keep PIP and preserve the ability to sue for damages -- known as a buy-back provision -- but your liability premiums will probably be higher because others will have the right to sue you, too.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage must be offered as part of your Kentucky car insurance policy, but they can both be declined in writing.

Penalties for no insurance: Your registration will be suspended until proof of insurance is provided.

If you are caught driving without insurance, the penalty is a fine up to $1,000 and/or up to 90 days in jail for a first offense. Subsequent violations, within five years, will receive a fine up to $2,500 and/or up to 180 days in jail.

No Pass/No Drive: Kentucky has a law requiring passing grades for 16- and 17-year-olds who want to be licensed. To receive an instructional permit or license, drivers of this age are required to obtain a school compliance verification form from their school district. If the student drops out of school or is found to be academically deficient, the individual's driving privilege will be suspended. Another incentive: a good student discount is among the biggest discounts for teenagers.

File an insurance complaint online: The Kentucky Department of Insurance allows you to electronically submit a complaint to make the process move faster.

Electronic proof of insurance: Kentucky is one of 31 states that allow drivers to show proof of insurance on a smartphone during a traffic stop.

Largest car insurance companies for Kentucky by market share

RankCompany / GroupDirect Premiums Written ($)Market Share (%)
1State Farm Group556,70422.58
2KY Farm Bureau Group467,91818.98
3Allstate Insurance Group177,1807.19
4Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies175,3467.11
5Progressive Insurance Group169,7216.88
6Berkshire Hathaway Insurance158,6316.43
7USAA Group104,8514.25
8Nationwide Group89,6313.64
9State Auto Insurance Companies57,7972.34
10Shelter Insurance Companies49,1241.99
Source: A.M. Best market share Rankings are based on direct premiums written in 2013.